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    ClipboardFormatsPriorities maker.ini setting in Frame 10?


      I recently installed Frame 10 and I want to change the ClipboardFormatsPriorities setting so that "TEXT" is the first option in the list. I've done this in previous versions. Is this still possible in 10? If so, what did I do wrong?


      Here's what I tried:


      1. Located the maker.ini file in the following directory: C:\Users\mboyd\AppData\Roaming\Adobe\FrameMaker\10.
      2. Made a backup of the original maker.ini file.
      3. Opened maker.ini in a text editor and saw that the setting was no longer included.
      4. Tried adding it. I added the following line first to the [Preferences] section and then to the [Frame] section:

        ClipboardFormatsPriorities=TEXT, UNICODE TEXT, MIF, RTF


      Result: Nothing changed. MIF was still the default when I copied and pasted.


      Granted -- changing the default from OLE to MIF was definitely an improvement, but I'd still like the default to be TEXT. Let me know what I'm doing wrong.