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    Adobe Drive Custom Connector

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      We have a requirement for Digital Asset Management solution and the client already has a FileNet P8 4.5.1 solution in production. They are using Adobe Creative Suite CS5 (Indesign, Illustrator, Photoshop). We tested the CMIS connector with P8 5.0 and we found few limitation(no previews and thumbnails, no option to select the class as it always defaulted to "Document" class, version comments not stored, verison previews not available) and will appreciate if you can confirm that the following requirements can be met by developing a custom connector using Adobe Drive SDK:


      1. The user needs to be able to Checkin Indesign Documents with all links from Indesign or by just doing a copy/paste of the full Indesign package folder in “Finder”
      2. While checking in the user should have the option to select the class of the document and fill the indexes for the documents
      3. The user should be able to search in Adobe Bridge based on the indexes filled during checkin operation (FileNet Properties)
      4. Adobe Bridge should be able to show the thumbnails and preview for all added content (Indesign, illustrator, Photoshop)
      5. Versioning should be supported with version comments, and versions dialog should show the preview of each version.




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          from the perspective of Adobe Drive, I think the answers for all the above questions is Yes.


          Adobe Drive is a set of client components for asset managementss, it depends on your connector and remote DAM service to provide all the information it needs, like thumbnails, preview, seach cretirias in Bridge, version comments and etc, throught Adobe Drive SDK, if your connector follow it and is good designed, I think Adobe Drive can meet all the above requirments.


          any issue you will met in the developement, you can post here



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            In P8 you won't normally see thumbnails and other typical DAM viewing objects, however you can get those features by adding in Viewcast's Media Extensions for P8.