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    No "Open Project" or "New Project" in Premiere Elements 10


      My install of Premiere Elements 10 was fine.


      The welcome screen comes up fine.  The "Organize" works fine.


      But when I click "New Project" the activity bar comes up but then goes away and nothing opens.  Sometimes the activity bar flashes up again for a few seconds then goes away.


      I noticed that the Adobe Premiere Elements 10.exe and the Adobe Premiere Elements.exe files are both running.


      Same thing happens when I click "Open Project".


      When I try to begin a new project in the Organizer window - nothing.


      We are running Windows 7 Ultimate 32-bit SP1.


      We have been struggling with this software for days trying to uninstall and re-install it to try to get it to work.


      Very, very frustrating.


      It looks like a good product - if you can get it to work!