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    Digital Editions can't / won't link with my eReader...

    pearseol Level 1

      I have followed the steps in setting up my Sony PRS-T1 - however when I click on Setup Reader for PC, I didn't get any instruction panel, just click and then eggtimer for a couple of seconds and then nothing. Then at the first time I tried to link the eReader to my Adobe Digital Editions, I got an error message and it didnt work and subsequently, when trying to link, I don't get the error message and it doesn't link... Is there an easy solution...?

      Thanks, Pearse in Dublin...

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          Frustrated in AZ Level 4

          There are a couple of things you can do.  First, when you set up your

          PRS-T1, the 'Setup Reader for PC' function is intended to link the T1 with

          the SONY site.  Adobe Digital Editions (ADE) is not part of this process.


          When you set up your ereader, you used an ID and password to access the

          SONY site.  That information was recorded in a small file placed on the

          T-1.  ADE accesses this information to authorize your ereader, so it can

          transfer ebooks to the T1.  The normal process is to use your Adobe ID and

          password when you set up the T1, and then ADE will recognise the ereader

          right off the bat.  The alternative is to have your T1 connected and

          recognised by your computer (I assume it's a Windows PC), and then bring up

          ADE.  If the T1 doesn't show up on the bookshelf (left hand panel of the

          Library view), you can click on the small arrow icon next to the word

          'Library'.  A drop-down menu will appear, and then you can choose

          'Authorize Computer'.  You should be able to find your T1 and authorise it

          that way.


          Hope this helps!


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            I tried the method you suggested, and it does not work for me.  My T1 is unknown by ADE.

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              This is the same for me. It seems like even though Adobe is happy to take the money for the DRM, they don't actually support it. Or its another hopelessly complicated DRM scene that needs chucking out as did Apple's iTunes DRM.


              If the reader isn't registered with Sony, you can't read Google books? Eh, can you explain that to me?


              Ripped off. I'm going back to printed books, I can even lend them to my daughter!

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                Frustrated in AZ Level 4

                Your comments generate my comments....


                The situation ain't perfect.  The publishing community formulated the

                Digital Millenium Copyright Act of 2000 during the 1990's, when the issues

                they were dealing with werent' resolved.  Today's issues are somewhat

                different, and the impact of what they did back then is frustrating to many

                of us, because we see it as overly restrictive and limiting.  Adobe had its

                Content Server software available at the time of the DMCA, and it was one

                of the methods to implement digital rights on digital media.  It's become

                the predominant method now, as others have not been as effective or popular.


                Digital Editions is a product of Adobe, and it uses parts from Content

                Server and Reader software that Adobe developed.  Whether we like the

                product or not, it's become a standard in the epublishing industry, and is

                used heavily in transfers from libraries and ebook sources.  It is supposed

                to be a dynamic product, responding to changes in the marketplace and

                implementing new technology along the way.  It's current level is 1.7 plus,

                indicating that it has done so in the past.  However, the marketplace may

                be moving more rapidly that Digital Editions is.  New devices come on the

                market every month, claiming that their owners can read ebooks on them, but

                not explaining how that's done.  Fixes aren't being implemented rapidly

                enough either, according to many of us users.  Error code messages are in

                programmer-speak, and are not user-friendly.  AND, worse of all, Adobe

                technical support doesn't support it - because it's a free product.


                Many if not nearly all of us who use DE have very few problems.  They did

                get something right, even if it appears to you from your experience that

                they did not.  Don't blame DE for its implementation of current practice

                and DRM because you don't agree with those practices.



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                  It seems a lot of people have problems getting their PRS-T1 to be recognized.

                  When I click the arrow next to "Library" and select authorize computer I get a message that my computer is already authorized, but nothing about an E-Reader.

                  I relize that you are as frustrated in AZ as I am. The problem is that bookstores refer you to Adobe that refer you to these boards, and that makes for even more frustration because nobody seems to be responsible.

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                    This has happened to me too!


                    I have a very old Sony Reader PRS-505 so I can understand why it's probably not working, although I have yet to find a solution.


                    I used Kobo and WHSmiths and it worked fine so I suggest you use them instead!

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                      Keninator7 Level 1

                      Here is a workaround...hope it helps the frustrated ones!  It works well for me.


                      1. Download the files from your xxxxxxxxbook.com Account into Adobe Digital Editions.
                      2. Once you have the files in Adobe, open your Sony Reader Library (the software that comes with your Sony Reader) or use Calibre.
                      3. Click on "File" at the top of your Reader Library screen and select "Import Folder".
                      4. The folder you would like to import is called "My Digital Editions" which can be found within your "Documents" folder on your PC or Mac.
                      5. Single-click on the "My Digital Editions" folder and hit the "Select" button to import this folder into the Reader Library.
                      6. All of the eBooks you have in Adobe Digital Editions will now be imported into the Reader Library so you can now plug in your Sony Reader.
                      7. Select the eBook you'd like to transfer to your sony device by clicking on it. A square box will outline the eBook on your screen.
                      8. Go to the bottom of the screen to More Options
                      9. Select Sync with Reader Device
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                        woohoo this solution worked for me thank you very much

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                          Thank you so much.  I have been tearing my hair out trying to work it out and your instructions are so simple.

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                            hmeig Level 1

                            Still frustrated!

                            I have a very old Sony eBook Reader (it was released in 2008 I think) and I'm on a Mac computer so I guess that doesn't help either. I think I give up


                            Think I'm going to invest in a Kindle or something..although the books I downloaded onto my eReader from WHSmiths-Kobo store worked fine and went straight onto it, but I've been having a lot of trouble with Waterstones since the very beginning!

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                              Frustrated in AZ Level 4

                              It's not the SONY - it's the website.  If you go back and try again, make

                              SURE you specify .epub formats.  If the ebook transfer process messes up

                              again, then I'd contact them and discuss how they've implemented DRM

                              (digital rights management).  They may have messed that part up and that

                              would cause you problems.



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                                Thank you Keninator! I've also been in trouble for hours trying to get an e-book I just bought on my Sony reader, and really couldn't find any help until I read your message, and then it was a matter of seconds. I'm really really grateful. Thanks!!

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                                  Like so many others before me, I have been fighting to load a book on our new Sony ereader, and had no success until I read your instructions. If only the products instructions where so easy. You're a star. Many, many thanks. Cheers.

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                                    On the Sony website I found a page that indicates that Adobe Digital Reader is NOT supported for the Sony PRS-T1.  You can read it here...

                                    http://esupport.sony.com/perl/swu-download.pl?upd_id=3224&SMB=YES&template_id=1&region_id= 1


                                    I just bought my reader today. I've had ADR installed on my computer for about a month, and used it to download and read a couple of library books on my PC.

                                    Imagine my frustation when I couldn't get it to recognize my new reader, no matter what I did! 


                                    I've been through the process of uninstalling and reinstalling at least 20 times by now. We even tried it on another computer, and still no luck.


                                    I tried all the fixes above, and also cleared my registry before reloading.


                                    After finding the above link, I have followed the recommendations to use the Sony Reader software instead of ADR. It works. You really don't need ADR to download library books to your computer and then to your reader if you don't have WiFi, because the Sony Software will do the job once you sync the new downloads with your reader.


                                    On the link below, which is for downloading the software, the PRS-T1 doesn't even come up.

                                    http://esupport.sony.com/perl/swu-download.pl?upd_id=5996&SMB=YES&template_id=1&region_id= 1


                                    I have tried various methods but ADR will not sync with my new reader. However, it is not needed. Once you have your SONY Reader software enabled, and your eReader is hooked up and data transfer is enabled, you can log into the Overdrive website and download library books directly to your reader, (the choice comes up at checkout. You also have the option to download to your computer if you prefer. You can of course use WiFi and download directly.


                                    I find that its easier to log into my library's collection on my computer, put items in my wish list, then as they become available, I can put them in my cart, log out, and from my eReader, log back in to download. Its faster then hunting for books from the eReader's screen.


                                    It has been an extremely frustrating day trying to get this software to work with my new PSR-T1.


                                    I'm glad that I don't need it after all!

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                                      Frustrated in AZ Level 4

                                      'Frustrating' is in my name.  But, you have to realize that you didn't do

                                      much research - you just bulled ahead with trying different

                                      things with ADE (it's not ADR).  Your frustration comes from several

                                      sources, not just this software.


                                      SONY Reader software is designed to work with all SONY ereaders, but limits

                                      you to what the SONY ebookstore has to offer.  If you want to get ebooks

                                      from other sources, you can use ADE as a download tool to put the ebooks

                                      onto your computer, and then use the SONY software to transfer them to your

                                      ereader.  SONY will tell you how to acquire ebooks from other sources and

                                      import them into the Reader library, so it's an easy thing to do.



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                                        Potirons World

                                        For a month now, I've been trying to download 4 DRM epub books purchased on Kobo.com onto my SONY PRS-T1 and on my computer. After numerous emails back and forth with Kobo help center, I still cannot download these books. I've installed and re-installed ADE on the computer (and have had it authorized) I have Calibre and the Sony software that accompanies the reader and I even set up the kobo reader app. Nothing doing, the books remain in the kobo library (they can go onto the kobo app, but I want to read my books on my e-reader, not on my computer!!!)... ADE doesn't recognize my e reader, and I'm willing to do what is suggested above, but I can't even get the books through ade.... ANy suggestions???


                                        What can I do???


                                        I've asked KOBO to reimburse me, but they don't seem to be willing.

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                                          Frustrated in AZ Level 4

                                          Dealing with multiple environments and vendors can be VERY frustrating.

                                          Trust me on this one.  Using ereaders involves a lot of technology.


                                          There could be multiple issues here.  The first one is the compatibility of

                                          the T1 with ADE: SONY says it's not compatible, and I have heard from

                                          others also that ADE does not support it.  So, you may need to perform some

                                          additional steps to get this going.  The first one is to register the

                                          ereader with SONY, which you may have done (using your Adobe ID, so that

                                          you simplify the rest of the process).  When you do this, SONY will

                                          download and install their Reader Library software onto your computer.

                                          Your T1 will work with the Reader Library software.  If you want to buy

                                          ebooks from SONY, the Reader Library software will handle the transfer,

                                          just as ADE would, and will pass the ebooks onto your ereader.


                                          You mention that your ebooks 'remain in the KOBO library'.  I assume that

                                          this means they're still on the KOBO website in your library space.  If my

                                          assumtion is wrong, and the ebooks are on your computer, then we're going

                                          to talk about the digital rights assigned to the ebooks.


                                          I use the KOBO ebookstore all the time with ADE, and I don't have issues

                                          with the KOBO-ADE interface at all.  So, there has to be something in the

                                          ADE setup or in your environment that's not right.  You haven't said what

                                          your environment is, so I will assume Windows.  Macs are a different matter.


                                          Let's start with a question: did you obtain an Adobe ID and password before

                                          you downloaded and installed ADE?  If you did, is your copy of ADE

                                          authorized to your Adobe ID? (you can check this out easily if you open ADE

                                          in Library mode, and click on the small arrow next to the word 'Library'.

                                          A drop-down menu will appear, and you choose 'Authorize Computer' from it.

                                          If you copy of ADE is authorized, it will display the Adobe ID.  Next up:

                                          are you getting any other error messages?  If so, it's possible that your

                                          firewall or Windows settings are prohibiting transfer of the material from

                                          the KOBO bookstore to your computer.  There are lots of posts on the forum

                                          that discuss what those settings are and how to set them to allow the

                                          ebooks through.


                                          If you've been successful in transferring the ebooks to your computer, DRM

                                          protection on the ebooks may be set to prohibit copying to your ereader,

                                          which will confine them to your computer.  You can check on this by putting

                                          your cursor on the ebook entry in ADE.  A balloon labelled 'Item Options'

                                          will appear.  Click on it, and you'll see a drop-down menu with 'Item

                                          Info'.  Click on that, and the digital rights for that ebook will be

                                          displayed.  If they're set to deny copying to any device, that means you

                                          can't copy it to your ereader.  There is no way you personally can do

                                          anything about this if the permissions are set this way - you have to go

                                          back to the source and get them to unlock the DRM permissions, which they

                                          may - or may not - do for you.


                                          Badk for a moment to the SONY T1.  If you can get the ebooks downloaded

                                          into ADE, you can get the Reader Library software to find them and bring

                                          them into the Reader Library.  Once there, you can use the Reader Library

                                          software to download them to your T1 (if DRM allows).  I don't know whether

                                          you can use Reader Library to download the ebook from KOBO, however.


                                          Hope this helps!


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                                            Potirons World Level 1

                                            Thank you Frustrated. I have authorization everywhere I'm supposed to. The books remain on the Kobo website library as you suppose.  Cannot download it through ADE even though I have authorization on my computer and on my e-reader.... The strange thing is, I purchased 2 books on Kobo back in April and had no problem whatsoever. (and those were DRM epub as well). Now even those cannot be downloaded again (but maybe that's normal) and funny enough even the free books i.e. public domain books with the button DRM epub cannot be downloaded.... strange strange. (and public domain books with the button dowload epub I can download without any problem...)



                                            If I could get them through ADE, with Calibre I suppose I  could put them on my device.


                                            my environment is Windows as you assume.


                                            everything is pretty straightforward on my computer. I of course have the sony reader set up on the compute too... and it's supposed to work with KOBO...  (same ID as Adobe ID) I just don't know what else to do... I've disinstalled and re-installed everything to make sure I have latest versions...


                                            thanks for your help

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                                              Frustrated in AZ Level 4

                                              I am beginning to suspect that something's changed in your environment, or

                                              that you used a different Adobe ID when you downloaded the ebooks in

                                              April.  I asked if you were getting any messages, but you've not replied to

                                              that portion of my post.


                                              One comment of yours needs clarification:  "*If I could get them through

                                              ADE, with Calibre I suppose I  could put them on my device."   *That's not

                                              the way it works.  You won't get them through ADE by using Calibre - at

                                              least not directly.  You could try to use any ebook transfer software that

                                              works with DRM-protected files to download the ebooks to your computer, and

                                              then bring them into ADE or into the SONY Reader Library by using the

                                              features of those packages to import files IF the DRM settings will

                                              allow that to happen.....




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                                                Potirons World Level 1

                                                I'm obviously technically challenged!!!  ;-)

                                                To break things down, back in April, when I purchased those 2 books from Kobo, it went so fast I don't really remember how they downloaded onto my computer but it wasn't through ADE, that I'm sure, it was either through calibre or the sony reader software. I believe that when I clicked on the download button a little window asked through which one I wanted to download. I probably chose calibre because I like the way things are managed in there... but maybe it was the sony software by default - I really don't remember.


                                                When I purchased the 4 books a month ago (already!!!) from Kobo, when I clicked on the download button (that now reads Adobe DRM epub file) it just ran for a while and then the error message I got was :



                                                La connexion a été réinitialisée


                                                          La connexion avec le serveur a été réinitialisée pendant le chargement de la page.



                                                    Le site est peut-être temporairement indisponible ou surchargé. Réessayez plus

                                                    tard ;

                                                  Si vous n'arrivez à naviguer sur aucun site, vérifiez la connexion

                                                    au réseau de votre ordinateur ;

                                                  Si votre ordinateur ou votre réseau est protégé par un pare-feu ou un proxy,

                                                    assurez-vous que Firefox est autorisé à accéder au Web.


                                                (meaning, if you don't speak French, that the server has been reinitialized during the loading of the page and to try again - I've been trying for a month!!!)





                                                - Do you think I should de-install everything (calibre, kobo, ade, sony etc... and the reader) and start all over again?

                                                - If so in which order? and what do I do with the books I already have so as to not lose them???


                                                - you mention forums on which discussions about cheking if my windows has changed since april, can you give me links to that effect?

                                                - I know I have the same IDs for ADE and bookstores (sony and kobo)



                                                I feel like I'm going around in circles...


                                                thanks for all the help you're offering...



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                                                  Chelli2153 Level 1

                                                  I also had purchased a book from Kobo and couldn't get it onto my ereader.  I ended up downloading the book onto my computer and then opening Sony ereader program and importing it into the library.  I don't have to use ADE at all.


                                                  There is nothing more frustrating than not being able to access something you have purchased.

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                                                    Potirons World Level 1

                                                    chelli, thanks but I can't even get them on my computer... and I agree with your last sentence!!! I believe I have been extraordinarily patient, as I've been in this bind for a month now.................!


                                                    There is nothing more frustrating than not being able to access something you have purchased!!!!!!

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                                                      Frustrated in AZ Level 4

                                                      Bien sur que le Francais.  Mais, en Anglais....


                                                      From the message, it appears your issues are all about security settings.


                                                      What you got was a message saying that your connection to the website was

                                                      broken by your web browser (Firefox).

                                                      ADE has been tested with Firefox, but most of us Windows people use

                                                      Internet Explorer.  So, I can't help you with the Firefox settings.

                                                      However, the error message points specifically to the security settings in

                                                      Firefox.  I can't say how to do it, but it would appear that there are some

                                                      'permissions' in Firefox, where you designate a particular website as 'OK'

                                                      for downloads....  I know that these permissions exist in Internet

                                                      Explorer.  So try the 'help' function in Firefox to see what it tells you -

                                                      that's (unfortunately) the best I can do from here.



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                                                        Potirons World Level 1

                                                        It doesn't work with Internet Explorer either or Google Chrome, tried

                                                        them all....







                                                        Potiron's World


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                                                        RE: DIGITAL EDITIONS CAN\'T / WON\'T LINK WITH MY EREADER...


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                                                        the full discussion

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                                                          Frustrated in AZ Level 4



                                                          What anti-virus program do you use?  Let's look at its settings....  Also,

                                                          let's look at your Windows 7 settings....



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                                                            Your solution worked like a charm.  I have been around and around for 2 weeks and 2 days trying to get my book into me reader.  I am so glad I came across your helpful site. 

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                                                              Thank you very much for your answer. Very helpful