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    Unresponsive Buttons


      HI there


      I made some buttons from graphics - with a normal and click state. I have the buttons set to go to pages within the article/document. Not sure why GO TO PAGE is listed under Flash only - isn't this supported for output to iPad?


      In any case I've added on click - go to page -> actions on each button and when i preview via the overlay creator, the buttons don't show the click action, nor do the links work. nothing happens.


      it all seems straightforward to set up - any ideas what might be happening?


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          johnm64 Level 1

          You need to use "navto:"


          Search for that -- lots of info.

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            SteveLunny Level 1

            Terrific thanks - what about the click state not responding?. I see it in the button panel but doesn't respond on export.


            thanks again!

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              BobLevine MVP & Adobe Community Professional

              The click state is for MSOs to highlight the selected state.





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                gnusart Level 1

                Bob -- Please explain "highlight the selected state." I tried to use a drop shadow as per the DPS instructions as a Click state and it would not work. I read somewhere in recent docs that MSOs only support the "on Release" action now. ??? beth

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                  Bob Bringhurst - Adobe Adobe Employee

                  Keep in mind that the DPS tools are added on to InDesign CS5/CS5.5. The interactivity options you see work for PDF and SWF, but it's not immediately clear which options work with DPS. You should look at the help articles to see what's supported. The "DPS Tips" app (free in the App Store and Android Market) gives a good overview. In fact, there is a slideshow article that shows what the "highlight the selected state" effect does.


                  When you're creating buttons, only "On Release" is supported in DPS for the "Event" pop-up menu. "On Click" and the other options aren't supported.


                  In the Appearance section, "Normal" and "Click" are supported. "Rollover" has no effect in a mobile device. When the buttons go to states of a slideshow, the "Click" option is displayed whenever that state is selected.