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    encore cs3 crashes




      I am having issues with adobe encore cs3 crashing. I have created a dvd with no issues. I had recently started another project that had 3 videos and a bunch of slideshows. It seems that anytime i do anything, the program crashes. I do have a lot of photos in this project. While I was working on the project, any importing as an asset, or previewing gave me no issues at all. I have un-installed and re-installed the software, including various susgestions in forums, such as; disabling services.


      I am desperate for any help anyone can give me.


      thank you for any help!


      images provided below::system info.JPGencore error.JPGencore error 2.JPG

      thank you again





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          Stan Jones Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          I assume from your description that you cannot create a new Encore project, but you don't say that. Can you?


          If so, then treat this as a corrupted project.




          If not, see #11 and #12 in that link.

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            leftfield16 Level 1

            I have created a project before, but this current one is crashing endlessly

            , uggg

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              Stan Jones Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              One way to check whether it is the software installation, etc, is to create a new one (without any of the current project assets etc), and see if you can build a simple project.


              Reinstalling may leave the preferences intact; see #11 in the above link.


              Does Premiere open okay; can you make a project there? Sometimes you have to reinstall more than Encore.

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                leftfield16 Level 1

                Yes, premiere is good, but I re- installed the whole suite . I think I have

                plenty of ram etc ...

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                  Stan Jones Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                  Did you use the clean script for uninstalling?


                  Can you open Encore? Can you create a new project?

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                    leftfield16 Level 1

                    I haven't tried that yet but I will try those suggestions . I will let you

                    know how I do . I really thank you for taking the time to answer !

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                      leftfield16 Level 1

                      I started a new project after I re-installed the whole suite. I had reduced the size of the photos before importing into encore cs3. This made everyting work much faster, but the whole program crashes even before I get to save the project.


                      I am really at a loss here. I know your time is very valuable and i appreciate your help.


                      also, what is the latest or last, version of encore cs3?


                      my version is


                      if this is not the most current version for cs3?, where would I get it?

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                        Stan Jones Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                        The is the current version for CS3.


                        Repeat the same steps exactly (no slide show  yet), and report the step it crashes on. For example, if you create a new project, add a library menu, and preview, does it crash? Add a motion menu and render menu, then preview. Add a short video asset as timeline. Preview. Transcode. Build.


                        If it works up to that point, add 4 images and make a slide show. Build.


                        When you get an error, start a new project and repeat the same steps to see if the error is consistent.

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                          leftfield16 Level 1

                          I had tried all those suggestions and everything worked. I have created a dvd with videos only but this project has lots of slideshows and  a a few videos. I have cleaned media cashes, tried re-setting preferences and even doing full re-install. It seemed as if my big project was working fine, until  I either hit check project or build. I have never had this issues b4. It seems as if it is never going to ever work again, thats how I feel. I can use premiere and it hasnt crashed yet. I really want to use this software, but unsure if new windows OS will help, or what.


                          I know you are busy but i do thank you for your time.

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                            Stan Jones Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                            So, in your tests, you could do a 4 image slideshow, including building to a folder or disk? Or did that fail?

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                              leftfield16 Level 1

                              Those I could do. So I started the big project and seemed like it was going


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                                the_wine_snob Level 9

                                This might have been asked and answered above, but I did not see it. If so, I apologize. What are the pixel x pixel dimensions of your Still Images in your SlideShows?


                                Good luck,



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                                  leftfield16 Level 1

                                  I originally took 16 megabyte pictures , scaled them down 25 percent in

                                  photoshop , like about 3000 by 2000  , in that range  . once I get that it

                                  seems like everything was working fine but now I cant even do anything .

                                  premere works fine

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                                    John T Smith Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                                    Go back to message #7 and click the links I posted about problems with pictures that are too large

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                                      the_wine_snob Level 9

                                      I agree with John T., on Scaling the Still Image for Video in Photoshop, or similar. Encore is ill-suited for Still Image editing, and that is basically what you are asking of it, when you Import overly-large Still Images. There is zero to be gained with overly-large Stills, and much to be lost, such as quality, and tons of processing resources. Even PrPro CS 5.5, that has some great Scaling algorithms with MPE and a CUDA-capable card, can easily run out of resources, bringing the computer to its knees. Encore is not nearly as capable of Scaling, as is PrPro CS 5.5, and not nearly so good as Photoshop.


                                      John T's first link in Reply 7 will even give you tips on automating the Scaling in Photoshop, or Photoshop Elements.


                                      Good luck,



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                                        leftfield16 Level 1

                                        Thank you for your reply.


                                        I have used the automated feature in Photoshop and scaled  the images down

                                        by 25%. They are now 75% of the original image size. I did notice that when

                                        I did that, encore ran a bit faster when I imported, and seemingly

                                        everything i did was working better. I will scale the photos down even more

                                        and see what happens. The automated feature is definitely something to use!

                                        I will let you know how everything works out, but I understand even more

                                        how resources get bogged down after reading all these posts. All my other

                                        profgrams, photoshop, premiere and dreamweaver work fine.


                                        thanks again for your help.

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                                          John T Smith Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                                          Consider this...


                                          When you open a photo in Photoshop that is ONE static photo


                                          When you have a photo on yoru timeline, that is MANY photos, which requires much greater resources


                                          If you carry one brick you may do so with just your hand... try to carry 100 bricks and you need a wheelbarrow

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                                            leftfield16 Level 1

                                            Yep, exactly , very easy way to put it !

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                                              the_wine_snob Level 9

                                              As I often have mega SlideShows, with maybe 3000+ Still Images, I Scale my Images to exactly what I need. With a great quantity of Stills, an extra handful of pixels can be compounded and can tax resources.


                                              When I need more pixels in my Still, than the Frame Size of the Project, say for a long Pan, I will Scale to what I need, maybe 3000 pixels, but will then Crop the vertical to exactly the Frame Size, say 480. I do not want extra pixels, having to be processed.


                                              On a normal SlideShow Project, I will usually Scale the majority of Stills to exactly what the Project's Frame Size is. If I do need more pixels, in either direction (horizontal for a Pan, or vertical for a Tilt), then I calculate exactly what I need, and Scale (often Cropping the other dimension) to that. I usually end up with one folder with the majority of Still Images Scaled to exactly what I need, maybe two others, where I needed more pixels, but the amount is different. Never had a Project that required more than three Scaled dimensions, though it certainly could happen.


                                              With the advent of PrPro CS5 (now CS 5.5), some things have changed a bit, if one has the proper hardware, in that the Scaling algorithms have been improved (expect to see those trickle down to PS by CS 6), but there is still the resource issue.


                                              I'm about to embark on another mega SlideShow, probably topping out at about 2500 Images. As soon as I get the specs. for the display, I will then begin my Scaling. Right now, I feel that the majority will be exactly to the Frame Size, with but a few needing more pixels, but in one dimension only. I have my PS Actions Saved, but might need to tweak one, or two, depending on what the AV department tells me.


                                              John T's analogy is a good one, and when he's not looking, I might "steal" if from him.


                                              Good luck, and please let us know how it goes,