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    Point Curves - two requests

    Thomas Geist Community Member

      Now with RGB curves the point curves have definitely come along!


      However, there are two things I would love to see to make work with point curves easier:


      1. A larger display, either switchable or zoomable (like in Photoshop). Doing exact adjustments in the current panel can get finicky.
      2. Please display the numerical parameters for the point curves and make them editable. Just like in Photoshop and for the same reason as the point above - to make precise adjustments easier. Capture One shows the numbers, Nikon Capture NX2 does too. And LR should do so as well (plus make them editable).
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          Kiwi-Al Community Member

          I concur. The code writing should not be that tricky, since competitors have shown the way.

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            Immaculens Community Member

            I would love it if Lr4 had RGB "Levels Adjustment" as does Photoshop Elements.

            I initially thought this new RGB Tone Curve did the trick but - not quite...


            Anyone concur?

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              Thomas Geist Community Member

              The requests for more precise point curves, possibly with a larger display as well as levels is not so far fetched. I want to add another little function to it, that would prpbably be super easy to include (even in its late state as a public Beta): invert.


              Why all this? Take a look here: http://theagnosticprint.org/future-of-scanning/


              Considering all the tools and functions LR already has, it's just a small step short of being the #1 software for dealing with negatives. "Not much film shot these days" you say? True, but there are vast amounts of negatives out there waiting to be digitized. Read this article and you will understand. The scanning days (especially in the higher end segment) are cming to an end since the hardware starts dying down and replacement and sewrvice is not much lnger availavble.


              Still there is a huge legacy of negatives out there, some of it of incredible importance. Digitizing via DSLRs / MF camera backs seems to be the way to go. Ans LR has almost everything needed to be the tool for it. again - the article makes my point clear.

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                peter/w Community Member

                You can currently invert an image using the point curve by starting with a linear curve and simply dragging the left control point all the way to the top and the right one all the way to the bottom. It is a bit fiddely to get right and you may have to drag the points in several steps because they keep snapping around, but once you have it, you can save it as a preset.

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                  Thomas Geist Community Member

                  Yes, I know. But then try to adjust that. Take a negative scan and you might already have to steepen the curves so much that they get even harder to manipulate. Also, some of the Basic sliders will go backwards.

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                    Victoria Bampton LR Queen ACP/MVP

                    As it may not make the final release, might I suggest adding it as a suggestion on the Feature Request forum http://feedback.photoshop.com/photoshop_family where it can easily be tracked?  If you post the link to your request here, others can also vote on your request. 

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                      Whitney Dunn

                      Not to step on Thomas' toes, but I posted a very similar request on the feature request forum here: http://feedback.photoshop.com/photoshop_family/topics/lightroom_make_curves_bigger

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                        While I would (as the writer of the aformentioned article) be a large proponent of RGB point curves in LR4 (I posted about this a while back on this board) I think they aren't in there because our curve tool as it stands is simulated and sitting directly on top of a bunch of raw processing algos. What I would really preffer, in order to fix this problem and any other problems that might crop up, is for Adobe to decide to graduate raw developers from their infant closed source state today and build a true plugin API that would let third party developers build actual filter plugins just like for Photoshop.


                        As a linear raw film scan proponent (user of CF Systems plugins, .fff, etc) I think LR could be uniqually placed to tie both old-film photo and new-world camera raw developing togther. LR is an image developer. That means it deals in a completely non-distruction kinda post-RGB working space. If it opened just one more layer of raw processing in the form of an API, I think we would start seeing LR become the full horse it really should be at this point. In my mind, basically v 1,2,3,4 have all progessed along a farly straight sloping line when it comes to features and usability. I understand this. Mission creep can kill all image editors (just look at Photoshop). But plugin people can't really get into the deep end of this interface because it's not open enough. Time to step up.




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                          JimHess MVP

                          Immaculens wrote:


                          I would love it if Lr4 had RGB "Levels Adjustment" as does Photoshop Elements.

                          I initially thought this new RGB Tone Curve did the trick but - not quite...


                          Anyone concur?

                          There is sort of a levels adjustment if you place your cursor in the histogram you can drag and adust different ranges.  Admittedly, it's not the same.  But it can be quite helpful at times.