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    Large image crashes while zooming in Iphone



      I am developing an Adobe Mobile application for Iphone and Android.


      I have an image of 4000x4000 size. The image is in fxg format. If I assign this as a source for an image control, it loads correctly in Android. But it crashes in Iphone.

      I tried to load the image in a button control. In that case, it loads correctly in Android as well as in Iphone. There is no issue.


      But when I try to zoom the same image using TransformAround, it zooms in Android, no crash. But in Iphone, if I try to zoom the image, it crashes.


      What I have is a map image which is of large size. I cannot reduce the image size but at the same time, it should work well in both Iphone and Android.


      Any help would be appreciated.