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    Scripting Help


      I created a form in Adobe Live Cycle and need helping on scripting.  I have a field as Drop Down list as Sample one, Sample two, Sample three , Sample four, and Sample five in that field.  I would like to have another field with 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5. Every time a user selects Sample One in the first field, the second field would auto-fill a numeric of 1.  If the user selects, Sample Two in the first field, the second field would automatically enter as 2, and so on. 


      Is it possible to create a scripting for this? Some type of form calculation? 


      Any help is appreciated.

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          Varma_LC Level 3

          //check the following JavaScript in change event of DD1.....

          // form1.#subform[0].DD1::change - (JavaScript, client)

          if (xfa.event.newText == "Sample 1") {
          DD2.rawValue = "1";
          if (xfa.event.newText == "Sample 2") {
          DD2.rawValue = "2";
          if (xfa.event.newText == "Sample 3") {
          DD2.rawValue = "3";