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    Feature file sample: Bickham Script Pro (11/2004)

    Thomas Phinney Level 3
      Attached is an FDK feature file for Bickham Script Pro (2004 revision). The same code should be informative for FontLab and other applications that use the Adobe OpenType feature language, particularly when it comes to coding of contextual substitutions.

      NOTE 1: This should only be used as a reference for feature construction, and not for glyph names. The feature file uses "friendly names" which are often changed for final font output.

      NOTE 2: This is NOT the same as Bickham Script Standard, which is an earlier and much less complicated typeface.

      The main advantage of looking at the original feature file rather than decompiling in FontLab is that any glyph classes retain their original names. FontLab does an amazing job of decompiling features, but it has to invent names for glyph classes, and these are generally less clear than what was originally used in development.

      This feature file is "warts and all," so there's even a comment on a bug I found, when going through the feature file. However, we wanted to leave the code intact so it matches what we shipped.