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    Duplicating layers

    JimVag1947 Level 1

      I am trying to duplicate a layer to another open document.

      The problem is that it is not visible at all at the new document once the duplication procedure is complete.


      Although the layers panel depicts the duplicated layer plus the usual backg. layer, in the document/canvas itself i do not see the layer which

      by the way is an icon.



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          Level 7

          What version of Photoshop?

          What OS?


          And have you tried disabling OpenGL drawing or updating your video card driver?

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            PECourtejoie Adobe Community Professional

            Hello, are both documents of the same pixel size? That might explain why everything is not visible.

            Or does the background and blending mode chosen for the layer make it invisible?

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              c.pfaffenbichler Level 9

              Could you please post a screenshot with the Layers Panel visible?

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                Grant H Level 4

                are you draging the layers to the new doc canvas or how exactly...



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                  JimVag1947 Level 1

                  layers panel.JPG


                  As you see in the image there is a purple layer and masks, which masks have the shape of icons.


                  I want to isolate a specific icon(via copy, duplication...whatever), but now i am thinking that maybe this is not possible, since we a talking here about masks.


                  I tried duplication and the thing is that in the new document, where the duplicated mask is going, i only see the mask in the layers panel(along with the purple background layer) and in the canvas itself i see nothing.


                  The only way this can be done, as i see it, is to ceate a new document, color the background/layer as i want it, and then copy there the mask/icon from the document where these are, and from which, the above screenshot is.


                  I tried the above with duplication and i have no succesfull results though-i see the mask in the layers panel but nothing on the canvas.


                  So, where do we go from here?

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                    c.pfaffenbichler Level 9

                    Layer > New > Layer (command-J/ctrl-J) via Copy does not work?

                    And alt-dragging the Vector Mask onto another Layer should duplicate it, too.


                    Edit: Sorry, had forgotten that the target was about another document.

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                      Grant H Level 4

                      drag the layer to another open doc..



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                        c.pfaffenbichler Level 9

                        I suppose the Vector Masks might simply be out of canvas – does selecting All and then aligning vertical centers and horizontal centers do anything?

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                          PECourtejoie Adobe Community Professional

                          Yes, please state if the documents have the same size... and do check if the blending modes do not make the layers transparent.
                          I guess that the group has its visibility icon on, otherwize the layers' visibility icon would be grayed out.

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                            Mobius Strip Level 2

                            I'm having the same problem.  I have a layer containing a photographic image, with a vector mask on it.  This is all the file contains.  It looks fine in its own file.


                            If I right-click on the layer and say Duplicate and pick another open file of the exact same size, the layer shows up at the top of the other document's layer list with mask intact, but its contents are invisible.  Its opacity is 100%, blend mode normal.  If I turn off the visibility of all other layers, the document is simply empty.


                            I also tried duplicating the layer to a new file.  Same result: nothing visible in the new file.


                            I just noticed that if I toggle the duplicated layer's visibility while it's selected, a fine grey outline of the mask will appear overlaid on the image.  The outline does not appear if I toggle the visibility of the duplicated layer when another layer is selected.  It also doesn't appear if I simply select the duplicated layer while it's visible.  I have to select it first, then toggle its visibility.  Definitely a bug, and a pretty big one.  I just spent considerable time making a vector mask, and it's useless.


                            This is Photoshop 13.0.1 x64 under Mac OS 10.8.3.


                            Update:  If I tile the open files so I can drag and drop, the dragged layer does show up but its position varies based on where I release the mouse button when I drop it.  Unbelievable.  Again, this is between files of the exact same size.  What you're dragging isn't even an image; it's an icon representing the layer.  So it's not as if you can visually align anything during the drag!  And you can't drag the layer to the title bar (tab) of the other image to drop it "centered" either; the tab isn't a valid drop zone.  So how are we supposed to drop the layer in its "natural" position?


                            More info: Vector masks are unusable entirely because of massive rendering problems.  Even if I add one to a layer in the file directly, eventually the masked image will be corrupted and blocks of it will disappear.  The bizarre thing is that the parts that disappear can't be restored by zooming or other manipulation that forces redraws.

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                              conroy Level 5

                              Mobius Strip wrote:


                              And you can't drag the layer to the title bar (tab) of the other image to drop it "centered" either; the tab isn't a valid drop zone.


                              If your docs are tiled, dragging via a tab is unnecessary, but I guess you were only doing that to try to discover a "centred" drop method. Anyway, when you do go via a tab because docs are not tiled, drag onto a tab, wait there for about a half-second until that doc is activated... then continue the drag into the document window before releasing the mouse button.


                              So how are we supposed to drop the layer in its "natural" position?


                              Hold down Shift key while dropping in the destination.

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                                Mobius Strip Level 2

                                Thanks for the info.


                                Ugh, what horrible UI.


                                Turns out that this isn't the only problem, though:  Even if I create a mask in the file itself, eventually it breaks down with huge rendering defects.  This is just not release-worthy software.

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                                  I had the same problem.......than using different methods (dragging, right click then duplicate) I find that duplicating RGB group/layer only hue/saturation adjustment layers causing problem........other duplicate normally.....try duplicating group after hiding or deleting hue saturation layers(non destructive).

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                                    Thanks! This worked for me!

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                                      I had this exact issue, and "dragging into a new doc" wasn't going to get the desired result.


                                      THEN I FIGURED OUT THE PROBLEM!


                                      Let's say you have a document that is 4" by 4" and you want to duplicate something from a document that is 4" wide but 16" LONG and the layers you want to duplicate are AT THE BOTTOM of the 16".


                                      When you go to the 4" by 4" document, they say the layers are duplicated, but you see NOTHING!


                                      That's because the layers ARE there, but they are BELOW the 4" by 4" window.


                                      Two ways to solve this, move the layers in the 4" by 16" document up to the top where they will copy over nicely, OR, when you are in the 4"by 4" document, try moving the layers WITHOUT the "auto-select" option on, until they appear in the window.


                                      Worked for me!


                                      I can imagine something similar would happen in a document that doesn't match in resolution or pixels as well.

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                                        Mobius Strip Level 2

                                        Not quite the same issue.  My documents were exactly the same size.