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    Scanner Connection Issue


      I have a new issue that started aroundthe time of the 10.1.1 update.



      Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit

      Kodak OfficeHero 6.1


      Acrobat X was working just fine at one time.


      About the time the 10.1.1 update was installed, I am no longer able to scan from the create -> from scanner menu. I get an error message that acrobat could not communicate with the scanner. The OfficeHero is connected over a network. All other programs can scan just fine including Paint, and the native Kodak home center software.


      I have done all the uninstall and re-install options.


      I even tried the config of a different computer that is working. Above 9.5 works on that comptuer just fine so I uninstalled x and installed 9.5 same error message. So there is something on this one computer that is a problem.


      Kodak tech support says that it looks like Acrobat cant access the twain drivers.


      Adobe support said it was a network permissions issue (even though other programs scan just fine.)


      Any other ideas out there?