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    Lights out white border.

    mwood37 Community Member

      Hello I use the lights out function a lot when cropping images and I find the white border applied when in total black a huge help. I noticed it wasn’t there in this version and wanted to know if it was a preference setting or it was just removed. I have changed the lights out color to white which is nice but I would love to have that thin white border back for black backgrounds.

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          Victoria Bampton LR Queen ACP/MVP

          I'm told the change is as designed.  Is it going to cause you a big problem?  You might have to fight for it if you want it back, as I'm guessing it was removed thanks to a weird bug that left white rectangles on people's screens.

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            I have the exact same issue and mentioned it another thread here: http://forums.adobe.com/message/4129130#4129130


            For me it is a huge loss. It helps for a number of reasons. Firstly, I like to snap in and out of Lights Out mode during editing to visualise the finished image without distraction. I also like to crop in lights out mode. While attempting to crop it is now much harder to locate the edge of the image under some circumstances. Additionally, it is very hard to discern where the image ends and the background lights out effect begins in images that have dark edges. It's 100% clear to me that this should be an option rather than a feature that is stripped out entirely.


            As far as bugs go, I use lights out mode at least once per image during an edit. Often many times. Having used LR since release 1 I have never experienced an artifact left over by the lights out border. I'd very much like it back!

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              mwood37 Community Member

              this is a feature i love and i would say that it is almost neccesary.

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                Romain_Th Community Member

                I find the white border very distracting... It's nice to have it gone.


                Maybe a preference switch could be the better solution: activate it for the users who want and not for the others.

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                  tonyhartphoto Community Member

                  Yep, I'd definately say that an option switch would be the way to go with this. I think there are too many logical arguments supporting the border as a benefit for it to be removed completely.

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                    Nick coombs

                    Yes Please Can we have this back I also use in the same manner as above

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                      I shoot a great deal using a black background. The white border is absolutely essential when displaying images to customers in lights out mode at an event. Where does the image end and the background begin????? VERY SERIOUS OMISSION.

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                        Bob Darby

                        I have been viewing several images in both LR3 & LR4 in the Black, White & the Gray Lights out backgrounds & have the following suggestion.  Make a White outline, as in LR3, toggable. But also make a Black outline, toggable, available for the White background. You can see this effect in the Print module. If available there why not in Lights out? If you feel that using the stroke in the print module will make your image better, why not make it available in Lights Out for preview.

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                          Henri_mel Community Member

                          Just upgraded to LR4 and I'm really happy to see the border is finally gone and I can now see the image without any distraction!

                          I've been using LR since 1.0 and now I can finally use the lights out feature...


                          However someones gain is someones loss and the border could be optional as suggested.

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                            tonyhartphoto Community Member

                            I've just upgraded also and on the flipside am gutted to find the border gone for good. I do most of my cropping in lights out mode and finding the edge of the frame can be tricky when the edge of the frame is a similar dark colour like the lights out background. Very annoying from my POV. Please implement it as a toggleable choice in Preferences>Interface!