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    HI,MASTER,IS FMS server-side NetGroup.sendToNearest () and NetGroup.post () can reliably send it?

    kahsbnxasxwasx Level 1

      I do a chat room, and use of FMS NetGroup.post () to do the public chat, with the FMS NetGroup.sendToNearest () do private chat whisper, test all normal, but I've heard, these two methods are not 100% reliable transmission of data, can I use these two methods do, a very large number of my application, I have used the forward。

      if(e.info.fromLocal == true){

      // We have reached final destination

      trace("Received Message: "+e.info.message.value);


      // Forwarding

      netGroup.sendToNearest(e.info.message, e.info.message.destination);




      Rule out a firewall problem, these messages can pass 100% to destination?

      I do not understand English, so sorry, please help me