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        one more thing.. re: trout ranch


        live fish.. yikes.. but not just catching them and eating them ( yum !.. you ever eat trout as soon as caught.. in frying pan ? I have in wyoming... after that scary moose meeting I may have told you about ? ).. I mean, catch fish, eat now.... at camp site.. right there.  in butter...in frying pan... very good !

        fire makes it even nicer... sorta like " primitive" man scenario.... man catches fish... man makes fire.. man eats fish... yum.


        anyway, i hope to gawd that goes on down in san juan river. but i have this OTHER good idea too...


        shoot it... shoot the people fishing and enjoying themselves... get camera on sticks and fluid head and zoom lens ( full size chip if possible so you can throw background out of focus etc ).. and shoot the stuff... and give em a dvd the day they leave... to take home with them...


        edited ... fast down and dirty and done... they go home with memories and show their friends !!!!!  easy.


        add value to the trip and do it from afar so you dont get in their way... easy... camera on shore...whatever.. out of the way... sneaky sorta.... quiet...

        need someone like me to organize that... i know sneaky... trust me...

        long lens is the trick... use wild sound and a cheap recorders... no big deal.. biggest expense is camera lenses and head and tripod... later can get crazy with steadicam if you want... dont recommend though... too expensive...


        gotta think about stuff to make it work and keep working..get excited about it... love it.. you cant do **** unless you love it... IMO


        i hate leaving myself open to some idiotic feedback now from some moron doesnt know about loving what you work on... so please god dont let this degrade ....

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          illustration of previious suggestion.. re: billboard on route 25 near space station ( virgin space tourism starting next year ?? )


          best trout copy.jpg


          look at last frame of this video


          .. thats not what people will see on space ship.. it will be way closer....like what space shuttle people see, and even more beautiful.. you have to look at the nasa pics etc to see this...or a book of photos from shuttle, space station etc...


          the gist of it is ... it is beautiful !  really !  not the feeling of being weightless... it is the world ( earth ) that is so impressively beautiful.. those people will be dying to take that a step further... stay someplace where the earth is close and " normal " ( standing on it now with gravity )... and yet appreciate it's beauty and have time to think about it.


          thats what you offer... know what I mean ?  its sorta a no brainer IMO... use what is going on around you to make more value and help people enjoy their lives ...

          (plus eat some fish maybe at shore with frying pan and primitive fire ... maybe the indians can help.. they tend to have some ******** about being close to nature etc.. though I would take that with a grain of salt... ive been around some indians.. and they had a really good sense of humor.. mostly at my expense due to being from the city ! )

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            and finally.. ( ITS BEER THIRTY ! YIPEE ! )


            The people flying to go to space port will be flying into that airport... so billboard about fish needs to be on 25 near airport...probably about $300 / year cost for having it on someone's property.


            they are gonna be on tight schedule etc.. lots of money to book space flight etc... some will see it and suggest they deviate from plan to return to job right away etc after space trip.. it will be that astounding to them.


            ( you could do art work like maybe a trout in a space ? )


            anyway.. just kidding.. but anyway.. my final thought here...

            they can fly from space port area to farmingdale airport... and be told about shuttle service and immediate availability of nice accomodations etc you offer... just call 1 800 fish love to be caught and ate by you ! ....


            know what I mean ??



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              Hey, I can fix it, so that you get to "herd snakes," right ON the trout ranch. I can make it happen! Think of it, how much more could someone want than Hunt shipping in Coor Lite, while you get to fish, and then herd scary snakes around the campfire in the evening. How good would THAT be? Now, guess that I'd have to spring for a DSL modem and connection, and maybe upgrade the electricial setup in the office for your editing rig, but that can happen too.


              Heck, I might even throw in a couple of my 21" calibrated CRT monitors, if you buy the trout ranch.



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                this appears to be the rock that the ship hit... so left side of ship got busted...then it later on turned left to head closer to land and turned 180 degrees amazingly...but got stuck on more rocks etc and didnt squeeze itself into that little harbor area between the 2 lighthouses....which was probably its destination ?


                at least its resting sorta on shore now instead of totally sunk out there...and the weathers been decent enough so its not getting ground up on rocks and ripping open the fuel tanks etc...hope they can get that stuff offloaded quickly and safely... those fumes are sorta dangerous...




                rock ship hit maybe.jpg


                its hard to find any decent chart of that area on internet..

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                  Well, the weather is changing, and the ship seems to be slipping, so things might soon go from bad to worse.


                  The captain called from home (house arrest), and wished the rescuers well.



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                    there are some good things about this...

                    a) the ship is in fact stuck on land and didnt sink with everyone in deep water ( check charts and you see the shelf is very steep around that island... goes deep really fast ...once you actually " miss " the island itself. )


                    so thats the captains main contribution so far... he did get it stuck on the island.


                    gold star for that.


                    b) it was dark out ( called night time in most languages ) and things were hectic .... and he did manage ( by some weird default called " panic" among passengers --- and employees - like hired dancers and magicians ) to get most of the 4000 passengers into lifeboats and or rescued by helicopter and so on....so it coulda been worse.


                    no star for that.. cause he sorta left the party a little early.


                    I think the magician probably has a whole new headline for his next act ... " Make the girl in the box, on the boat,  appear on the Island ! "


                    a miracle !  if not magic !  I think the employees will soon have their own facebook pages and fans for the good work they did to help people speaking a totally different language drop their pork chops and head to the lifeboats !


                    which reminds me.. a good fast food for editing or writing... is " shake and bake " pork chops !

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