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    Folio Organizer Issue




      Why can't I view thumbnails and edit articles from Folio Organizer? This issue is experienced from three computers with three different Adobe.com Account.

      I was able to view and edit the first time, but since last week I wasnt able to. Is this problem has something to do with connectivity? Please advice.



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          Bob Bringhurst - Adobe Adobe Employee

          Can you be more specific? I can sign in, use the Folio Producer Organizer, and edit folios and metadata fine both at home and at work. I haven't heard anyone else report problems with using the Folio Producer web client.

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            TeamApps01 Level 1

            IVertical View.pngHorizontal view.png


            These are the views I am getting from the Folio Editor. I used to see the thumbnails before. I'd really appreciate help since our production is starting today and I have one more thing to hopefully resolve and ask from any adobe DPS expert. Your reply Bob is highly appreciated. Thank you

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              Bob Bringhurst - Adobe Adobe Employee

              Are they articles with PDF format? If so, you can't see the thumbnails of PDF articles. To edit the articles' metadata, you can select the title bar, or you can go into List View or use the Folio Builder panel.

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                TeamApps01 Level 1

                Thanks Bob, I am finally enlightened. Although I still need your expert advice to finally resolve everything that's slowing me down.


                QUESTION 1 : When you say "Are they articles with PDF format?" do you mean:


                A: Are they articles with PDF format selected from the drop down menu as image format


                B: Are they articles containing PDF as links placed in indesign




                QUESTION 2:

                I just started learning how to use DPS last week and i still have unresolved issues. Please bear with me for stating everything in detail.

                I am trying to convert my mini magazine into an ipad-viewable format with pinch and zoom and hyperlinks. I created a 6 paged folio as a test file with horizontal and vertical orientation.

                In effect I had 6 folders labeled as articles containing two articles each for the horizontal and vertical layout using _h and _v suffix. I was able to upload it hrough the Folio Producer

                and check it from an ipad.


                When viewed from the iPad Vertical Orientation:

                Left hand page on print   :   shows a single page which ill refer to "PAGE A" for illustration purpose 

                Right hand page on print :   shows another single page which ill refer to "PAGE B" for illustration purpose


                As a horizontal article, I placed the image of PAGE A and PAGE B together on one landscape orientation ipad document to simulate a print spread. I did this for both Left and right hand document, saving the same horizontal article on each folder but with different article file name.


                to illustrate:

                Left hand article folder contains:

                PAGE A_v

                PAGE A+B_h


                Right hand article

                PAGE B_v

                PAGE A+B2_h


                Now when I view it from the ipad, Vertical view displays correctly showing each vertical page separately. But when viewed horizontally, obviously two spreads for each left and right hand page appeared.

                I was able to resolve this before through Folio editor by deleting recurring spreads in horizontal view. But now, since I wasn't able to view the thumbnails I could not do so but i'll try your suggestion to edit it in list view. Are these steps in editing the folio the correct way to address my concern?


                I need to confirm these steps with you Bob just so I would know if I am on the right track or missing out some step.