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    Font Licensing




      I was hoping someone could answer a few questions regarding font licensing. Specifically, the Letter Gothic Std font, which is covered under Western 2 EULA and allows for PDF embedding and editing.


      1. The EULA is a five seat license. Can they be split between desktop and servers?
      2. Section 2.3 allows for server use. Can the server generate a PDF, with the embedded font, and then allow the user to download the PDF via the Internet?
      3. Does each server within our internal network require their own license?


      I've tried contacting Adobe directly (Sales, Customer Service, Enterprise) and was unsuccessful in getting my questions answered. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.






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          ChristopherSlye Adobe Employee

          Hi Chris. Section 2.3 describes use of fonts on a server by users inside a private workgroup server, and is still limited to the number of seats allowed by the license (typically 5, but EULAs can vary). It does not allow use of the font directly or indirectly by users on the Web or anywhere else.


          Sorry you've had difficulty getting touch with anyone. Write to us at font-licensing@adobe.com and we'll try to help.




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            ccgonzales Community Member

            I don't understand how the font can allow a user to embed the font in a PDF, but then can't distribute it to anyone.

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              ChristopherSlye Adobe Employee

              It depends on who or what is using the font, and under what circumstances. It is, of course, fine (under the standard Adobe font EULA) if a licensed user creates a PDF with embedded fonts and puts that PDF on a web server for others to download. What is not permitted is to make a font part of an automated server which is used by people on the web to generate PDFs on demand.


              In the first case, the font is used by a licensed user to create a PDF. In the second case, the font is used by the web browsing public to create a PDF.

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                ccgonzales Community Member

                Is there a number I can call to discuss proper licensing on a server? I've email font-licensing@adobe.com last week and haven't received a response.

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                  ChristopherSlye Adobe Employee

                  Can you try that email address again, please? We didn't get anything here (and we've received another message or two lately, so it should be working fine). Thanks, and sorry for the trouble.