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    adobe distiller 8 red hat and output file permissions




      Hope somebody has come across this one before. Using distiller 8 on redhat 5.5. Call the distill program with the following switches, and the resulting output pdf has permissions 600.

      Way too tight.


      distill -allowfileops yes -verbose -pd +telegraph.joboptions -f :/opt/Acrobat8/Distiller/telegraph_fonts: wook.ps



      I've been through the painful readme file and tried all the options that may influence file perms, but I always get 600, when I really need 666.

      My previous version (6) (on solaris sparc) dumped the pdf in mode 666 which is great.


      Played with umask in various places, but nothing will influence the final 600 perms.


      I can fake it by adding a chmod in the script that calls distill - but that feels like cheating....