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    OSMF: URL Missing from Media Tag: Adobe HDS

    Mally H



      I have an encoder publishing 2 streams livestream1 and livestream2 to the FMS livepkgr. I have a set-level manifest for the 2 bitrates, but I get the URl missing from media tag error. What is causing this ?


      <manifest xmlns="http://ns.adobe.com/f4m/2.0">



          <dvrInfo offline="false" windowDuration="600" />


          <media url="livestream1.f4m" bitrate="300"/>

          <media url="livestream2.f4m" bitrate="800"/>    



      I resorted to downloading the OSMF source code but cant fathom out why it thinks this XML is invalid and that the media url doesnt exist. 


      The streams play back indiviually no problem.


      Anyone got any ideas ?