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    Content viewer -- archive or shred?

    buglegirl101 Level 1

      As a complete fan of all things Adobe,  I apologize for my title.  I'm almost ready to publish my first indesign/dps app, but I've just spent 3 days going in circles, trying to fix what may not be fixable.  I wanted some advice before I start from scratch.


      Was testing my app in the adobe content viewer and made the mistake -- yes, I made the mistake -- of hitting "ARCHIVE".   I don't think that word actually describes what  happened-- I think the label may need to be changed to 'SHRED."


      I was having an HTML 5 hiccup, so I blissfully hit Archive  thinking I would then be able to download the entire thing once again,you know, a fresh copy.    Big mistake?


      I changed a few articles, uploaded them -- and the folio  shows up in acrobat.com -- and dps folio producer online.  However, content viewer sees nothing.

      I've  tried uninstalling content viewer on the ipad, in itunes  -- and resyncing.  The folio has vanished.   I tried sharing again from Indesign and the error message  says "user already has access to this folio."  Acrobat says the same thing, so does DPS online.  I am now a little gunshy of  the 'unshare' choice in acrobat. 


      Is there a work around?  Change the name of the app? 


      You shouldn't have to create a brand new user-- and you shouldn't have to upload the entire folio again-- there should be a way for the content viewer to view your content again, yes? 


      Then again, I shouldn't have hit 'archive' in the first place.  Adobe, please consider a more appropriate name.


      Thanks for listening...


      I am ever hopeful-- but will probably upload a new version of the app... it is a very big app.


      Happy New Year to all,

      nancy p