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    Word wrap in design editor when zoomed

    roseacea Level 1



      I use 9.0.1 version of RoboHelp HTML and I'm working on a shared project. I have a Dell Laptop and also have an external monitor that I have configured as an extended desktop. The external monitor is what I use to edit in RoboHelp. The resolution is set to 1366 x 768.


      I'm finding that when I edit topics in Robohelp at 100%, it is difficult to read the text, I must be showing my age!  OK, I admit to wearing multifocal lenses.


      Anyway, I would really love to be able to zoom up to 125% or even 110%, but the problem is that the text does not wrap and I end up having to scroll sideways to see an entire line.  I've even closed or minimized some of my other panes to increase my real estate for the main Design window but still end up having to scroll.


      Also, I don't want to make any changes that would potentially affect the output, e.g. Page Setup changes.


      I found a similar question to mine dating back two years http://forums.adobe.com/message/2530838 which shows a status of 'unanswered'- although some people did reply with suggestions including to raise a new feature request ticket.


      I'm hoping that RoboHelp has included this as a new feature in the meantime and I just dont' know how to access it.


      Any suggestions?


      Thanks, Rose