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    Flash Ad Causing Security PopUp Question

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      Hello -


      We just heard back from one of our online places that we advertise on that our ad is causing users to see a popup security question.  They have asked us to change the code from HTTP to HTTPS.  The destination URL is a secure page.  They have the SWF only.  No HTML file was sent to them.  I have never run into this issue before.  The only code is the clickTag code which is:


      on (release) {

      getURL(clickTag, "_blank");



      The online site puts in the URL (in whatever tracking system they use) that the banner goes to which is a secure page.  I automatically thought it must be something within their code on their website but perhaps not?  Is there a setting in Flash for HTTPS which is what they are requesting?  Do I need to change the clickTag code? 


      Any guidance or solution is greatly appreciated.





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          adninjastrator Level 4

          If the target page is a https:// address and you do not have your .swf hosted under that same server, there will be a security warning that pops up. The reason is that while all the rest of the page is stored and delivered from behind a secure server, the "barn door" so to speak is being left open by including a .swf that comes from a none-secure server. Hopefully you can see the security threat that "opening" poses.

          You'll need to host your .swf from that same server or from some other https server to preserve the security of the https connection.


          Best wishes,


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            mdwebcat Level 1

            Thank you Adninjastrator for taking the time to respond.  This is very helpful and easy to understand.


            Unfortunately, I do not have control over their servers because this is an online ad we are running through someone else on their site.  I kept thinking maybe I was missing some new setting in Flash because I just started working with CS5.5.  Or I was thinking that I needed to update or change my clickTag code (I always use the same code and it always works fine).  I have never had this issue before.  I forwarded this information to our internal contact person so that they can communicate it to the external company that is hosting the ad.


            Thanks again for taking the time.  I really appreciate it!!!!



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              adninjastrator Level 4

              It's NOT a Flash issue it's an HTTPS issue.

              Best wishes!