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    Results from Pixel Bender appearing distorted when using Oil Paint.


      I've jut recently downloaded pixel bender, and when I try to process an image using the "Process on GPU" feature, the preview appears like this:

      Screen Shot 2012-01-19 at 12.12.53 AM.png

      The output image also comes out wrong, but with a different look. This only seems to happen when editing at full resolution from my camera (4272x2848). Lower resolution files work just fine. The effect also works, albeit at an incredibly slow pace, when I disable "Process on GPU".



      Computer  Mac Mini

      Processor  2.5 GHz Intel Core i5

      Memory  4 GB 1333 MHz DDR3

      Graphics Card  AMD Radeon HD 6630M 256 MB

      Program Photoshop CS5.1 x64

      Pixel Bender Version 2.3.0


      I've checked that all my software and drivers are up to date.

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          I've got a similar problem.  I am VERY frustrated, as I use Oilpaint for my work.  I have posted on several Forumsstarting 4 months ago, talked to Adobe (who gives no support for this) and have had no help.


          I have been through 4 computers, my 5th is on the way .... several cameras and memory cards.  Only one out of 4 computers has no iisue (my wife's).  The problem seemed to be gone, when I bought my 4th computer .... then I bought another camera - now it's back!!!  So, my conclusion is, that this issue has something to do with how information is written onto a memory card.  Maybe some computers "pick up" on some little thing and get confused -  I don't know.  Again, only my laptop works fine, even with the new camera.


          Try what I did,  use another computer - until you find one that works ... friends, family...etc.  Also, I just found out, that the only way to make Pixelbender work when it does not, is to turn off GPU ... although that slows the process down a lot.


          If my new laptop does not work with my new camera, I'll get another camera and try again .....


          My gear: 2008 imac, 2010 MBPro 13", 2011 mac Mini Server (since returned), 2011 Mac Mini i7/2.7 (selling), 2011 MBPro 17" (in the mail)