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    From IDML to XML, and back

    Paolo Tramannoni Level 1



      I'm trying to send my translators some simple XML files, they can translate with a text editor or CAT tool.


      What I do is export from InDesign CS5 to IDML. After replacing the .idml file extension with .zip, I can double-click to have the XML files in the Finder.


      When I get the translated XML files back, I use the right-click > Compress command of OSX to get a .zip file. Then I rename the .zip extension to .idml.


      While the file icon changes to an ID file, and opens in ID when double-clicking on it, ID refuses to recognize it as a valid file. What am I doing wrong?


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          R-Bala-Krishnan Level 2

          Most of the times, it'snot working. Please use SDK command to compress.


          package.sh -c <samplefolder>  <samplefolder>.idml.

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            Paolo Tramannoni Level 1

            Here is how I solved the problem. It is not the most elegant solution, but it works.


            First of all, I unzipped the .idml file generated by ID and renamed to .zip.


            Then, when I received the translated .xml files, I opened the original file with iZip. This program let me "see" inside the .zip archive, and manage the individual files it contains.


            So, I copied the translated .xml files to the original files inside the .zip file. When closing iZip, the .zip file was updated.


            At this point, I renamed it to .idml, and InDesign opened it perfectly.


            I guess this can also be done with anhy other Zip software that lets one see inside the .zip archive. Also, maybe it works with the Windows Explorer, that has this features as a native one.


            I'll also check if the scripts suggested by R-Bala will work. I'm downloading the InDesign CS5 Server SDK now.


            It would be great if Adobe could fix this issue as soon as possible, since it would make life of multilingual authors way easier.



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              [Jongware] Most Valuable Participant

              It's not for Adobe to fix, it's the method of re-compressing you are using!


              "I use the right-click > Compress command of OSX"


              Apple managed to mess up this fairly standard way of creating a zip file by silently and invisibly adding some stuff of their own to the zip file.


              Any other external zip utility should work fine.

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