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    Strange phenomenon with Track Matte mask


      I want to mask extraneous detail from a clip. I created a mask in Photoshop, imported the .psd file into PE10, set the mask into the timeline, then config'd the Track Matte key to create the effect. Masking works as desired when I test it without moving stuff where it needs to be. However, after I scale (down) and reposition both the clip and the mask to their intended position, Track Matte behaves strangely. Specifically, it renders the mask effect as a small square. This phenomenon is consistant and repeatable. I'm frustrated. Take a look at the sequence of images below.


      The image below shows the result after I drop in the clip and mask, then apply the track matte key. PE10 renders the image as expected.



      Now... I scale and reposition the clip and mask to their intended position, as shown below.



      I then apply track matte to the clip. The image below is what I get every time.


      Grrrrr! Anyone have ideas what might be the problem? ..or more usefully, anyone have instructions on how to get PE10 to render the image correctly for my application?