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    Cannot Compile FLVPlayback 2.5 Source

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      I have googled this to death and cannot believe the scarcity of information on this. Adobe releases the component source files for this component, but I have yet to find any instructions on how to modify the src files and recompile it. Here is what I have done so far:


      I have modified the NCManager class to do what I need. I have added the downloaded fl.video.* classes to my classpath in Flash. I have set the needed compiler constants. I have added an instance of the 2.5 flvplayback component to the stage. It will compile, but when I test the swf file in flash, I get output errors like:


      TypeError: Error #1009: Cannot access a property or method of a null object reference.

                at test_fla::MainTimeline/__setProp_test_Scene1_Layer1_0()[test_fla.MainTimeline::__setProp_ test_Scene1_Layer1_0:7]

                at test_fla::MainTimeline()


      Where 'test' is the name of the flvplayback component on the stage. If I remove the downloaded component src files from my classpath, all works as expected, but I can't then use my modified NCManager class. I'm really stumped on how to solve this. Has someone else ever tried this?



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          I finally got this to work by removing all of the classes except the NCManager, then gradually added them back one by one until it compiled.


          I still would like to know how to compile a new flvplayback component from these source files, as it does not appear to be that straight forward.