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    Creating pdf from Microsoft Excel


      I need some help and I am hoping someone has run into this before.  I have been able to create a pdf from a Microsoft Excel document with no problem but the issue I am having is when I do that all of the sheets are merged into one workbook and it creates an continuous 330 page document; I want to be able to have separate tabs or some type of separation like Microsoft Excel does.  I could create each sheet into a pdf and then merge them all into pdf portfolio but that would be labor intensive.


      Can someone help me?


      Thanks, John

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          jmmcintyre Level 1



          The Excel document I am trying to convert is only 184kb.  I also tried doing a test Excel that was smaller with three sheets and it created the pdf but it put it all into one three separate pages in Adobe.  I am not sure if I am following what you mean about selecting the print area?  When I print to a pdf I select the who Workbook.


          For some reason I recall that having separate tabs in Adobe is possible.



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            jmmcintyre Level 1

            I don't see where I have said that. 



            I am not having any issues creating a pdf from Excel.  All I am saying is I would like to see the tabs from Excel or some type of separate sheet broken out in Adobe instead of a continuous 330 page document.


            Look at the attachment, the first part is an example of Excel with the three tabs, the other is that same Excel created into a pdf.  If you see it takes the three tabs and makes them separate pages in Adobe.  I don't want it to do that, I want to have some type of tab like Excel.


            Understand a little better?

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              Apparently it stripped the attachment, is there another way to add one?

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                I think we are thinking different things. You know the different tabs (worksheets) in Excel?  I want something similar to that or a way I can show different worksheets in Adobe.


                I am not trying to make this difficult but it's a bit hard to explain it on a forum.




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                  Hope you find a solution. Just wanted to comment that this new forum setup somehow has not shown any of George's comments on this thread!

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                    CtDave Level 5

                    If you have a single PDF you'd use Bookmarks as PDF does not support "tabs" such as those for multiple Excel worksheets.


                    As to attaching a file to a post; that capability was turned off sometime ago. You can upload a screen capture image file.


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                      jmmcintyre Level 1



                      They don't necessarily have to be tabs, I was just using that as an example because that is all I knew to call them from Excel.  Not sure I know what you mean by bookmarks?



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                        I am going to try to see if this adds the screenshots:



                        Excel Document, notice the three separate worksheets in the workbook?



                        Same Excel document but made into pdf, notice the worksheets (tabs) are made into separate pages in Adobe.  That won't work.

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                          Apparently it stripped those screenshots too.  A little sad you have no way of showing a picture on this forum.

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                            lisabritne Level 1

                            I have found an interesting video tutorial of how to convert Excel to PDF, watch it may helps you.




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                              jmmcintyre Level 1

                              First of all the video shows a program called "Classic PDF Editor", I am almost positive that is not approved nor used in the Government.  Second is I am not having difficulties creating a PDF from Excel, I just need to see some type of separation of different worksheets from Excel. 



                              I feel like a broken record, I do know without pictures it may be hard to explain it.




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                                CtDave Level 5



                                Once content is in PDF there is no such thing as "workbook" or "worksheet". PDF is content painted to a "page".
                                As dictated by the quantity of content there may be many pages.
                                PDFMaker can be configured to prompt for which worksheets of a workbook, in Excel, that are to be processed out to PDF.
                                With multiple worksheets selected each worksheet's content is processed out, in sequence, to the PDF being created.
                                So, the first worksheet's content fills PDF page 1 through page N. The second worksheet's content fills PDF page N+1 through page M.
                                This continues for all selected worksheets.

                                The result is, as expected, a multi-page PDF.

                                If the PDFMaker has been configured to create PDF Bookmarks then a Bookmark is created for each worksheet.
                                The Bookmark's label will reflect the worksheet's "name" in its respective tab back in Excel.
                                The Bookmarks' default action will be:

                                Go to a page in this document (e.g., the PDF)
                                ---| Page: "n" (the page on which the worksheet's content starts)
                                ---| Zoom level: Inherit Zoom

                                Clicking on any given Bookmark takes the user to the start page of the Bookmark identified worksheet content. 

                                . Some screen captures that may help.




                                PDFMaker's configuration dialog



                                If "Prompt for Selecting Excel Sheets" is ticked in the PDFMaker configuration dialog then this dialog appears when PDFMaker begins the PDF creation process.



                                The output PDF will have a Bookmark that permits navigating to the start of content for the designated worksheet content within the PDF.



                                To view the Bookmarks the Navigation Pane must display.

                                For any PDF, if one configures the PDF's Document Properties > Initial View tab both the PDF page and the PDF's Bookmarks pane can be set to show upon opening of the PDF.

                                For many PDF's Acrobat Pro can be used to establish this with the "Open" sequence via a Batch Sequence / Action.



                                Be well...