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    Support for Subversion


      We already use Subversion. Having another repository to manage just for help files seems like a step backwards.


      I'm thinking that maybe we won't bother with RoboSource Control 3.1 and just use Subversion even though there seems to be no support for it as a RSC 3.1 Repo. SO that means we won't be using RSC 3.1 at all which is a pity.


      What have others in this sort of situation done? How well has it worked?

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          RoboColum(n) Level 5

          Hi Chapmasj and welcome to the RH community.


          We have never used the in-built RoboSource Control application preferring to use a third party application. Previously we have used MS Visual SourceSafe but more recently we have migrated to using SubVersion. Our main reason was not using RoboSource Control was the need to integrate the output with our application's build process. As our Development department uses SubVersion it makes sense for us to just output the help to the location where it can be automatically built into the application.


          Our experiences have been positive on the whole. Using SubVersion for RoboHelp projects does have a learning curve, not least because even opening a project in RoboHelp flags it as having changed in SubVersion. Also you need to understand the RH Project file associations. For example adding a new topic complete with a TOC entry, index keyword and glossary entry updates numerous files. There is a small issue with the .SVN folder that SubVersion creates. You can read about that here, although this is not an issue for us.


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            You are refering to Apache Subversion correct?

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              Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              Welcome to our community, Brant


              What is being discussed in this thread is related to using Subversion with Adobe RoboHelp. I looked at your other thread in a different forum and I note you aren't using RoboHelp, but CS5 and you are working in a multimedia area? You are asking in the other thread if Subversion works with "Adobe file formats".


              Please note that each Adobe product is different and likely has a different file format. In this forum, where we discuss things related to RoboHelp HTML, the file formats are typically HTML, JS, XML and a few others. But the formats for other Adobe apps will likely be vastly different. For example, Photoshop uses a .PSD format. Captivate uses .CPTX.


              The bottom line here is that there is no "common" Adobe format that is used to store information that is shared among all or several products.


              I might suggest that you explore the assorted applications you plan on using Subversion with, then post questions in the Adobe forums for those products to see if others are using Source Control and specifically Subversion to gather information there. You might also see if there is a forum for Subversion itself. I don't believe it's an Adobe product.


              Best of luck to you in finding your answer... Rick

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                bp72-met Level 1

                Thank you for the welcome and for the speedy reply.


                Thank you for clarifying what this thread topic is... being as Robohelp is a supported application i am interested if the specific subversion (used as a general term) was specifically Apache Subversion.


                I really wish you would of replied to my other post rather than here about my other post as it might be helpful to clarify. Yes, i understand that different Adobe Applications save in different formats. The purpose was to see if there were any specific formats that people had problems with in a particular flavor of subversion being as there are different types of subversions as well as different user clients and methods to check items in any out of whatever particular subversion solution you choose.


                I have been researching all the different subversions solutions, branches of those solutions as well as user clients for checking in and checking out items. Unfortunately most don't have a list of supported file types but I have found a few complaints about specifically Apache Subversion and TortioseSVN corrupting data but I believe a majority of the complaints are from incorrect installs and incorrect paths.


                So, do you know if the original thread poster was referring to Apache Subversion? Specifically because Robohelp source files, and specifically xml format are a particular format i need to find out if there will be a problems or not. Mainly because Robohelp is being used to document the projects and provide help files and short tutorials for the the application.


                A good list of version control solutions I started with :



                Other people struggling with the same problem :




                Adobe Drive & Asset Management that says it works with CS5.5 Applications but numerous complaints on it falling short. Maybe no "common" Adobe format is the problem. :O)




                With all my reading I thought I would just ask.


                Thank you again for your reply and I will need all the luck i can get on figuring out which solution is going to be the best solutions as it looks more and more like as much as I hate it that with Adobe killed off Adobe Version Cue.