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    Student discounts




      I'm wondering whether membership as either student, or tutor in the U3A.........http://www.u3a.org.au/u3a_movement.....

      The University of the Third Age (U3A) is an international organization, embodying the principles of life-long education and the pursuit of knowledge for its own sake, in an atmosphere of mutual learning and teaching. Each U3A is a learning community, organized by and for people who can best be described as being active in retirement - the so-called Third Age of their lives.

      The term “University” is used in the original and medieval sense of an association or community of teachers and scholars, united in the pursuit of knowledge. Third Age refers to the life period of active retirement, which follows the first age of childhood and formal education and the second age of working life, and which precedes the fourth age of dependence...........

      Would be a legitimate way to obtain a student/teacher version of Adobe CS5.5?

      Many thanks