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    Dreamweaver Exchange Approval: Adobe Reviewer Has a Question for Me? Send it my Way Pls!!

    Samantha Dash Level 1

      I was just denied a Dreamweaver exchange item that was already approved. I just updated title and cleaned up the description. Afterward the status said that I have to answer a question from the adobe reviewer. However I received no email from Adobe. And have no idea what add'l info they need or want!


      Here is the link to my submission: http://www.adobe.com/cfusion/exchange/index.cfm?event=extensionDetail&loc=en_us&extid=2918 022


      Can someone from Adobe review my pending Dreamweaver exhange items and let me know what I need to do?


      The review and approval process here is more cryptic than getting published on the Apple App store. :-(




      Also, I have 2 items pending in the AE exchange and 3 in the Photoshop exchange for over 25 days. How often are items  in those exchanges reviewed by Adobe?