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    Clarification on Account Admin

    Josh Penrod

      We're setting up Account Administration for the first time, and, fwiw, I've read the info at the following link: http://help.adobe.com/en_US/digitalpubsuite/using/WS9293e1fb3b977c5c-6c5b4101331de1fd6a-80 00.html


      However, the deliniation of roles gets a little confusing. Here's a hypothetical of our setup ...


      Master account:



      Designers who already have Adobe IDs:




      Designer who would also be an adminstrator:



      Studio is building folios (apps) for these magazines:





      With that in mind, two big questions ...


      1.) Based on the Best Practices Adobe documentation, does this logic make sense in assigning specific permissions/roles to each delegate account under the master account (studio@adesignstudio.com)? ...

      Application role: magazine1@adesignstudio.com

      Application role: magazine2@adesignstudio.com

      Viewer Builder role: magazine1@adesignstudio.com

      Viewer Builder role: magazine2@adesignstudio.com

      Administrator role: johndoe@adesignstudio.com

      No role: janedoe@adesignstudio.com



      2. Using DPS, should janedoe@adesignstudio.com be logging into the Folio Builder panel in InDesign as magazine1@adesignstudio.com, magazine2@adesignstudio.com or as janedoe@adesignstudio.com to have full access to work on, see and/or upload all of the magazine folios in studio's master account?

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          Josh Penrod Level 1

          In addition to the above comment, I logged in to Account Adminstrator using the master account to add someone who already has an Adobe ID (me), and I get this prompt ...


          Screen shot 2012-01-19 at 10.52.41 AM.png



          From the Adobe documenation, I should be able to add an existing ID ...


          In the New Users dialog box, do either of the following:

          • For an existing Adobe ID, specify the Adobe ID of the user you want to modify, and click Submit.
          • To create a new Adobe ID, click Create A New Adobe ID, specify the information, and click Create Account. Use this option for Application Adobe IDs such as “dps.publication@publisher.com.” Avoid using the Account Administrator tool to create Adobe IDs for individual designers.


          Any thoughts here?

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            Bob Bringhurst - Adobe Adobe Employee

            1 - That approach makes sense. Another option is to create an umbrella account for the Viewer Builder, but your approach works. The only question is whether you need to create the account with no role. If you create a delegate account, that Adobe ID is tied to your company's account and cannot be associated with another account. You may just want to use the tool only to assign roles.


            2 - if Jane Doe is creating folios for magazine1, she should log in to the tools using the magazine1@pulisher.com account, not her janedoe@publisher.com account.

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              Josh Penrod Level 1

              Thanks, Bob B.


              So that begs the question: When, if ever, would Jane Doe log in to the InD Folio Builder panel or Folio Producer as Jane Doe?

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                Bob Bringhurst - Adobe Adobe Employee

                She may not log in as janedoe if she works only on the magazine. But she might log in with her janedoe account to create test files or a spec design or a folio for personal use, such as a cookbook or a karate flip chart. The thing you want to avoid, if possible, is using the janedoe account as the application ID. If Jane leaves the company or moves on to a different project, it's more intuitive to continue using the magazine1@publisher.com account.

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                  Lukasz Kawecki

                  The simplest answer would be ...never. It is - as Bob wrote above - because content is tied to a individual Adobe ID. You should use the same account in Folio Builder and Folio PRoducer otherwise you will not see content exported from InDesign.

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                    Josh Penrod Level 1

                    Bob: Really appreciate your persistence and diligence in answering our questions:


                    So, a few questions based on your responses and with our studio/publisher model (very top post) in mind. Also assume for the purposes of this hypothetical that all publisher employees only work on publisher projects (which is why we'd set them up with a janedoe@publisher.com, and not janedoe@personal-email.com) ...


                    1.) To confirm, any publisher employee working on folios for magazine1@publisher.com should log in as magazine1@publisher.com, especially if they want a view of, say, only the previous 12 issues/folios for that magazine?


                    2.) Is it safe to say that any folio (standalone/single-issue or multi-issue) created with the intention of going to market should have its own delegate account? For example: magazine1@, magazine2@, karateflip@ (standalone folio/app)?


                    3.) If No. 2 is "yes", by using the parent/master account login (studio@publisher.com), would a studio employee have access to ALL folios published to ANY delegate app account (magazine1@, magazine2@ ...)?


                    4.) If the answer is "yes" to Nos. 2 and 3, I can't see a reason why a studio employee would ever log in as themselves (janedoe@publisher.com) for live production.

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                      Josh Penrod Level 1

                      Thanks, Lukas. Just saw your post after posting my reply. We always log in to Folio Builder and Folio Producer using the same log-in.

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                        Bob Bringhurst - Adobe Adobe Employee

                        1. Correct. The Adobe ID ties the folios to the app, so you want to use magazine1@publisher.com to create and edit folios for that magazine.


                        2. Yes, that's a good practice. You can get away with using the same account for multiple single-issue apps, but I don't recommend it.


                        3. No. Only the magazine1 account has full access to the magazine1 folios.


                        4. In a studio environment, individuals shouldn't log in as themselves unless it's for testing/personal reasons. They should use the dedicated accounts for public facing folio work.

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                          Josh Penrod Level 1

                          Thanks, Bob.


                          Any idea if Adobe has future plans to allow for viewing all folios published to any delegate account using the parent/master account? Seems a bit limited in scope, no?

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                            Bob Bringhurst - Adobe Adobe Employee

                            I'm not sure what the plans are with Adobe IDs and accounts. You can add a feature request at www.adobe.com/go/wish.

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                              ktukker1 Adobe Employee



                              I'd like to chime in with an alternative workflow approach for larger workgroups.


                              • Publisher has a master account which is used to create "derivate accounts" with specific privileges or no specific privileges. (Accounts with admin privileges can also create and edit derivate accounts for the master account.)
                              • The ‘Application Account’ (dps.somemagazine@publisher.com or dps.othermagazine@publisher.com) is a very powerfull account, which anyone (with access) can use to control the distribution (remove, publish, change any folio etc).
                              • Normally, a traffic manager would use an Application Account to publish, update, push, or remove a folio for a publication (an app.)
                              • A designer may use a derivative account with no specific privileges to create or edit folios or articles which will be used in a folio which was created by the traffic manager (Application Account).


                              So the workflow might be:

                              1. Traffic manager logs in to dps.somemagazine@publisher.com, creates an empty folio for the new edition
                              2. Traffic manager shares the folio with the designers that will work on this edition (jane@publisher.com)
                              3. Jane will log in to her Folio Producer using her own credentials (jane@publisher.com). She can participate in the co-creation of the folio
                              4. After the work is done, Traffic Manager un-shares the folio from Jane ; Jane cannot make any modifications anymore
                              5. Traffic manager checks the final folio and hits the ‘publish’ button


                              In the example above, all AdobeIDs should be built by the master account holder or an admin account for the master. By doing this, all work is created by these derivative accounts.


                              With kind regards,


                              Klaasjan Tukker

                              Adobe Systems

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                                Publisher administrator would like to add internal designers into DPS Admin tools after signup DPS.

                                Designers loves DPS and used designer@publisher.com Adobe ID registered as DPS user for testing purpose before Publisher DPS account signup.


                                Now, the Publisher administrator has no way to add these designers, designer@publisher.com Adobe ID under Publisher DPS account.

                                The Publisher administrator not happy with it !


                                Need a scheme to fix this situation, even the designers without roles, like the creative account before.




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                                  ktukker1 Adobe Employee

                                  Hi Michael,


                                  The publisher administrator can add the designers 'desiner@publisher.com' to their master account (without assigning any additional roles).


                                  When the designer has an AdobeID that has already been used with DPS (has logged in using Folio Builder or the web interface), then the admin tool does not allow this AdobeID to be added at the moment. Adobe is working on a way to resolve this.


                                  Currently a workaround:

                                  • Find an emailaddress that is not associated with DPS (or create one using gmail)
                                  • Log in into the DPS dashboard with the designer AdobeID and go to 'My Information' in de menu in the top right corner
                                  • Choose 'change AdobeID'
                                  • put in the newly created emailaddress


                                  This will 'untie' the designer AdobeID from that account and allows it to be added to the publisher master account.


                                  Klaasjan Tukker

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                                    michyue Level 1

                                    Hi Klaasjan,


                                    Oh no, the DPS registered Adobe ID not accept.

                                    It will not migrate the DPS registered Adobe ID to publisher DPS account.


                                    Please see enclosed capture screen.


                                    Michael.Screen Shot 2012-02-02 at 1.39.54 PM.png

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                                      John J Metzger Adobe Employee

                                      yes, we had to err on the side of caution until we develop the ability to have the owner of and Adobe ID give permisison to have their ID added under a master account. I'm sure people would be less than happy if their Adobe ID was added under a master account without their permission. Imagine you are happily working away when all the sudden your account is now controlled by "Joe Publisher". So right now only new Adobe ID's can be added in as delegates.

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                                        minia92 Level 1

                                        Hi there


                                        I have a DPS admin account that I use to set up my other DPS account for differents app we are plublishing (already 2 in the store)


                                        I am trying to add a new account, but I can not set up the VB account (enable the account for VB) I dont know why  I can not submit when I tick the box (SUBMIT button stay in grey)


                                        See screenshot


                                        I have delete the account and try again from scratch... still not working... Am I missing something to do before ? because I need this account to create its own application

                                        Capture d’écran 2012-02-05 à 16.39.03.png

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                                          ktukker1 Adobe Employee



                                          To add just a Viewer Builder account, add the new email address en only check 'enabled' in the section for Viewer Builder (you've already done this, looking at the screenshot). There are two options to get out of the state you are in:


                                          a) You want this account to be a application account as well: Complete the field 'Report Suite' - fill in a name for the reportsuite and hit 'check availability'.  You can think of your own names here. After that, you can submit

                                          b) You don't want this account to be a application account: uncheck 'enable'.


                                          With kind regards,


                                          Klaasjan Tukker

                                          Adobe Systems

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                                            minia92 Level 1

                                            Hi Klaasjan


                                            Thanks for you answer;


                                            I have tried and it works properly


                                            Many thanks for your help