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    Premiere Elements causes audio to drop out after 30 seconds


      I use my Desktop in my den as a DVR. After installing, Adobe Elements Premiere 10 causes Audio to drop out after 30 seconds of play back from my desktop PC thru a D-Link Router to a Sony BDP S570 Blue-Ray Certified DLNA player to a 46" SHARP LCD TV in my livingroom.

      I un-install Premiere 10 and all is good. Other videos play just fine. We are talking Windows Recorded TV Show (.wtv). I use my Desktop like a DVR and have a wired network throughout the house. I go to my Tv bring up the Sony player, Select my Media Center Server, Videos, Genre, News and select the latest recorded TV broadcast. I get HD Video and Audio and monitor the display. 30 seconds into the replay no sound. I can fast forward and get sound for a bit after playback resumes then silence.

      I have an open case, #182 936 011, with Adobe support but each agent I get is like reeducating a foreigner and the language barrier can be a problem.

      Anyone have any input?