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    Numbering and Bullets

    Geeky-G Level 1

      I hope this is an easy question and I am just an idiot for not fiquering it out on my own...


      I am creating a CBT with Caprivate 5. When using Bullets or Numbering, I can not continue with the sequence on the next slide.




      (Slide 1)


      Types of Fish


      1. Salt Water

           A. White Meat

                 i. Cod

                 ii. Cusk

                iii. Summer Flounder


           B. Light Meat

                  i. Smelt

                 ii. Whiting

                iii. Grouper


      (Slide 2)


      Types of Fish (cont)


           C. Dark Meat

                  i. Eel

                 ii. Carp

                iii. Pollock


      Problem is slide 2 starts over as A instead of C.

      Types of Fish (cont)


           A. Dark Meat

                  i. Eel

                 ii. Carp

                iii. Pollock



      Anyone know what to do as I am manually fixing the numbering and it throws off the flow.

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          RodWard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          If these lists are on separate captions, let alone separate slides, Captivate would naturally assume that they don't belong to the same list order.


          Your method of hardcoding in the numbering is the only way I know to do it.


          Once you've set up the numbering though, it should look fine.  It's only a bit of extra work when creating the content, isn't it?

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            Geeky-G Level 1

            2000 slides and counting. 20 more projects to go. It seems as if this would be a common occurance and have some shortcut key to continue formating on the next page. It just makes for slow progress.

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              brightonjon Level 2

              You could do the numbering in Word then copy and paste into Captivate. I haven't checked that though.


              But why do you want to format your content this way? What benefit are you trying to achieve?

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                Geeky-G Level 1

                Work bings the numbering over and I then need to tab into place. This helps a little for futre projects. Thanks.


                To answer your question. I am pulling from a powerpoint presentation and want to start fresh and not import. Import only brings in a picture of the screen and is blurry so I am retyping everything or copying and pasting. The power point refernces so legal material that extends between 5-20 pages and lists and bullets everything. The continuation on the new page(or 19 pages after) start over at 1 instead of continuing the format or numbering from the previous page. It would seem that this is something that would happen often and you should be able to start the numbering on the new page at whatever you want.

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                  brightonjon Level 2

                  Well, that's a start. I'm not sure I can think of a better way to get content like that in to Captivate.


                  On the wider issue, I don't want to start second guessing your choices for the delivery methods for your courses, but are you sure Captivate or even elearning is the best method for this content?


                  elearning generally doesn't really work that well for that kind of large scale information. My preference would be a good old pdf or html help document.


                  If you're using Captivate because you need to test you could always put the information in the pdf and just have the quiz in Captivate.


                  I'm not criticising your choice by the way; I don't know the background about the project. Just offering a different perspective

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                    Geeky-G Level 1

                    I thank you for your comments. This is the very beggining of a large CBT project. The first section involves reading material and different sections for manuals.Captivate was declared the best tool to use for this project. Not all the courses contain this type of material and most will have several interactive parts. It was all original done in Authorware. Unfortunately, it was getting to time consuming trying to troubleshoot browser compatability issues and a change needed to be made. I do appreciate everyones comments and hope that i can be of help as I learn the product more.