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    Login bugs on Android tablet?


      I can't get my tablet to log in to Creative Cloud. I've got an account and I can log in via browser on my desktop, but try on my Asus Transformer Prime goes like this:

      1. Click Get Started
      2. Put in ID/password, click sign in,
      3. Tablet thinks a second, then shows a blank rectangle, like the login modal but with no text/forms (i've waited 30 min or more on it)
      4. Close out of the blank rectangle. The Get Started button is still there. Clicking it doesn't seem to do anything, but after 10 seconds, it opens the log-in screen again.
      5. Close of out settings altogether, re-open
      6. Now it says "Connecting..."
      7. Now it says I'm not connected to the internet! I am. Click Check Connection. Doesn't do anything the first 5-6 times I poke the button, then changes to Get Started again.
      8. do () while me != frustrated; giveup();


      Anyone else had this problem? I even wiped the cache and data for the app (losing a couple minor projects), which in theory is as good as a reinstall, but no luck.