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    (audio) maxBlip returned as zero!!!!!

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      I'm using the Exporter Sample and in the audio code SDKFile.cpp "prMALError RenderAndWriteAllAudio(exDoExportRec *exportInfoP) " there is a line that gets maxBlip.

      It's coming back as ZERO when I feed AME with an avi file with 5.1 AC3. Ahhhhh.... why?


      // The lesser of the value returned from GetMaxBlip and number of samples remaining

      lRec->sequenceAudioSuite->GetMaxBlip (audioRenderID, lRec->frameRateTicks, &maxBlip);


      if (maxBlip == 0)      <<<<<<<<<<<<<<< I added this check

      {                           <<<<<<<<<<<<<<< I added this check   

      // Serious Problem.<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< I added this check

      return malUnknownError; <<<<<<<<<<<<<<< I added this check

      } <<<<<<<<<<<<<<< I added this check


      if (maxBlip < samplesRemaining)




      samplesRequestedL = maxBlip;



      samplesRequestedL = (csSDK_int32) samplesRemaining;