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    Is there a maximum size or limit of text file when storing and transferring data?

    Scott - TNC Level 1

      Hi -


      We've been using WriteExtFile and AppendExtFile to store data in a CSV text file in a data folder in the same location as our Authorware executable file.


        WriteExtFile("data\\"^"Variable_Names.txt", Survey_Variable_Names)

        AppendExtFile("data\\Survey_DATA.txt", Survey_Data)


      As a rule, we've always put our executable files on the hard drive of the computer (C:) because of some problems we have had with an inconsistent network drive in the past.  Having the files on the C: drive eliminated any network issues.  Our accumulating data would always be stored to the C: drive as well.


      We now need to store a backup copy of the data on a server, in addition to the C: drive.


      My question is: Is there is a maximum file size that can be 'read in' and then 'written' using Authorware?


      My thought was to use ReadExtFile to read in the contents of the "Survey_DATA.txt" file and then use WriteExtFile to write out that same data to a drive on the network, appending the date and time to the end of the file name to serve as a backup file.


      I've used this logic, which is working to write to the network drive "P":


        WriteExtFile("P:\\Survey_Project\\BackupData\\DATA_BACKUP_"^Backup_Date^"_"^Backup_Time^" .txt", Survey_Backup_Data)


      Naturally, the size of the original data text file on the C: drive is going to continue to grow since we are using 'AppendExtFile' to add the data from each survey record to the data file (CSV, each record on it's own line).  So the size of the file that we are going to read back in (using ReadExtFile) will also continue to grow.


      Is there a limit to what we can read in, and then write back out?