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    Encore project for both DVD and Blu-ray?

    B.Frankforther Level 1

      I'm new to Production Premium CS5. I have made all my parts of my project and kept them in HD and rendered them all in Media Encoder CS5 for blu-ray. I assembled my project in Encore and then previewed the whole blu-ray disc to make sure nothing was left out. I then burned a DVD. After burning the DVD, my preview is no longer clear like HD clear. It's more pixelated like a DVD project. Is there a way to get the preview back to HD quality preview or should I copy the Encore project and rename it for a DVD project before burning my first one. The reason I am asking is I do make two copies of the Encore Project on my hard drive, one for DVD and the other for Blu-ray, and it works but the two projects take up double the space on my hard drive. Any solution?