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    Bug in PDF pinch and zoom?

    Siduno Level 1

      Hi, I have a big problem related the PDF pinch and zoom.

      When I try to make an article with 2 vertical pages each containing one imported PDF and 1 horizontal page contain two imported PDF, the result is a simple jpeg page with no pinch and zoom.

      The strange thing is that if in the same article I add more vertical and horizontal pages, the pinch and zoom works!

      I use the latest version of Folio builder and Folio Producer and, off course, I follow the normal steps: I choose PDF when I create an article, I use iPad and not Android and the PDF zooming is enabled in Viewer Builder.

      I need to have 2 vertical pages and 1 horizontal to adapt an a paper magazine (I know the DPS has not been made for this but my publisher want to publish all our magazine with this platform, we also have a magazine specifically designed for the DPS ). My "idea" is create a stack every two pages to allow rotation between pages remaining on the same pages and enable the horizontaly flow between "articles" but if the pdf are transformed in jpeg I can't proceed...

      It's a bug or I missed some step?

      Thanks in advance for your answers

      Claudio (from Italy, sorry for my english!)

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          Johannes Eckert Adobe Employee

          I want to chime in on this. I cannot completly understand what you are

          seeing, but I saw similar behaviour, too.

          On some pages it works, some not. In most cases the articles where

          pinch-zooming is not working are one-page-articles. also on smooth



          Is this a known bug?



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            Siduno Level 1

            Yes, I confirm this problem but in my case only if there are 2 vertical pages (indesign_v.indd) and 1 horizontal (indesign_h.indd) in each stack.

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              Siduno Level 1

              Hi everybody, nobody can fix this problem in some way? If somebody in Adobe want to see what happens, just download my files here:


              are 58.9 mb, two stacks:

              First one with 1 _v file with two pages and 1 _h file with one page > PDF pinch and zoom don't work

              Second one with 1 _v file with four pages and 1 _h file with two pages > PDF pinch and zoom work

              I include also the original pdf that I import in the indesign files (the same one in both staks).




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                ArcInteractive Level 1

                I have the same problem. No pinch and zoom on single page articles.

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                  Bob Bringhurst - Adobe Adobe Employee

                  I'll take a look at this example when I get a chance, but I can get single-page PDF pinch and zoom to work just fine. There is an example of this in the Effect folio of the DPS Tips app (recently updated).

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                    Bob Bringhurst - Adobe Adobe Employee

                    I looked quickly at the files, and I don't think this is a matter of single-page vs. multiple pages. You're comparing apples and oranges. If you delete pages in your multi-page PDF stack that's working, it will pinch and zoom just fine. Your single page has a placed PDF image that's larger than the page. I'm not sure if that's the problem, but that's what I would look at. Try scaling it down. Let me know if you have any luck. If it still fails, let me know, and I'll look more closely at the files tomorrow.

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                      Siduno Level 1

                      Hi Bob,

                      thanks for your answer, I confirm you the problem is related with a single-multiple pages.

                      If you try to open and test the first stack with 2 vertical pages and 1 horizontal page when you upload with Folio Builder the pdf became a jpg (or png I can't control the format), if you duplicate the horizontal page to obtain 2 horizontal pages and update the folio, the pdf works.

                      I also tried to leave only one H page and one V page, also in this case the PDF has become an image.

                      This mean if you want to have a pdf with pinch and zoom you must have at least two V pages and two H pages.

                      This isn't written anywhere, Adobe can fix this big problem?

                      Any suggestion to obtain the same result (2 vertical page and 1 horizontal related each other when you move you iPad from vertical to horizontal position) with another tecnique?

                      Thanks in advance

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                        Siduno Level 1

                        Hi, nobody can help with this issue? Gold support don't answer, here nobody answer too, what's up Adobe? After 6 DAYS I haven't received any assistance...

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                          ktukker1 Adobe Employee



                          Can you try the sample that I've uploaded for you at: http://db.tt/tWd65hPt (Temporary Dropbox link)


                          • Create a new folio, and set default image format to PDF
                          • Import Multiple articles and click the folder containing "1, 2 and 3"
                          • It should create 3 articles and set the properties


                          This results in a folio where you have 1 page horizontal (containing 2-up two pdf pages) and 2 pages in the vertical article, next two each other with 'Horizontal swipe'


                          Klaasjan Tukker

                          Adobe Systems

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                            Siduno Level 1

                            Hi Klaasjan,

                            thanks for your answer and for your sample.

                            My test was the same of your but your files works and my don't! This is very strange. With my indesign files the result remain an image instead a pdf but if I duplicate your indesign test files and import my pdf, works...

                            Obviously there is something that causes this difference. It would be nice, also for other users, undestand what.

                            Thanks again

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                              minia92 Level 1

                              I hqve also a problem with the Pinch and Zoom


                              In some pages of my Folio (import as PDF) I am simply blocked and I cannot navigate/swipe to the other articles or the pages below


                              I happen in to cover of stack (one with mpg4 video playing with MSO behind) and in one cover stack with just a jpg, text and one MSO


                              Did somebody have the same problem ?


                              As soon as I re import my folio into Automatique format, the problem disappear



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                                minia92 Level 1



                                Did nobody is using the pinch/zoom in page with MP4 video ??


                                Those page are not "swippable" anymore, just block on the current page, even the menu bar doesn't appear


                                Any idea ?

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                                  minia92 Level 1

                                  Up again


                                  any answer?

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                                    markc888 Level 2

                                    I think there might be a bug here.


                                    I've successfully created a pinch zoom folio using the sidecar.zip files posted by Klaasjan.


                                    However if I import my own article (_h and _v both set to iPad dimensions and containing a simple text field of text).

                                    If the article format is set to PDF, once created and I view the Properties panel, the Smooth Scrolling option is set to Horizintal only and greyed out so it cannot be changed. So no pinch/zoom is available.


                                    If the article format is set to Automatic, once created and I view the Properties panel, I can set the Smooth Scrolling property to Off (Snap to page) and tick the Horizintal Swipe Only checkbox (so I'm matching the setting of the sidecar examples).

                                    However, when I the Update the article to the Folio Producer and then check the article Properties again, the Smooth Scrolling has reverted to Horizontal Only. So again, no pinch zoom.