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    Book Module: Export as indd file and management

    sungax Community Member

      Book Module: Export as indd file and management


      I would like to request a feature to export a book module as indd file. 
      I like PDF's but .indd is nice also so we are able to to more in depth layouts.
      Having Lightoom being able to manage all your pictures and book layouts would be nice, alot of things can be done in one application.

      Another Feature:  Using Lightoom as book layout management.


      Being able to send a page(s) of the book from lightroom into InDesign to do indepth layout and editing, then being able to send it back into lightroom

      Almost similar to how you can send a photo from LR in Photoshop to do indepth editing and then send it back into lightroom.


      This could and will ease the workflow of book management and layout design.  So lightroom will not only be able to manage photos, but also indesign and book layouts.