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    if else i dont get it


      Hi and hello.

      Here is my tricky problem.


      I have 5 boxes red_1, green_2, blue_3, black_4 and yellow_5.

      All boxes lined up, when i move blue_3 20 pixels to the y position, green_2 and black_4 should move 10 pixels to the y position.

      When i move blue_3 back to 0 all others should move back.

      So every time i move one of these Boxes the neighbors should move too.


      Sounds easy but seems to be really hard.


      Thanks for any tip.

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          Dan Ebberts Level 5

          It's not simple. Say you have an expression that calculates a box's y offset based on where its neighbors are positioned. How do you move that box somewhere other than where the expression puts it?


          I think you would need to control things with an external control of some sort. If only one box at a time can move, you could select that box with a slider and the expression on that box would say "I'm selected, I need to move 20 px". The neighbor's expressions would say, "My neighbor is selected, I need to move 10 px". Something like that. It depends a lot on how you are planning on animating things.



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            Navarro Parker Level 3

            Would this be a case for the never-used Checkbox Control effect?


            How do you write an if else with the checkbox control? (If it's turned on do this, if it's turned off do that)

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              UArt2 Level 1

              Hmm were is the different between the Checkbox and the Slider?