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    Entire computer temporarily hangs during LR startup

    Rotaluclac Level 1

      When I start Lightroom 3.6, my entire computer locks up for 20 to 30 seconds. The hard disc light continuously lights - that's all.


      I tried starting Task Manager before starting Lightroom to view the CPU usage - but the display just freezes, so Task Manager completely misses the time during which Lightroom is starting up.


      The Event Log doesn't show anything special (or I don't know what to look for).


      Even pressing the Capslock key has no effect - the indicator on the keyboard won't light up until Lightroom has finally started (that is, after 20 to 30 seconds).


      After this initial delay, all is well.


      What could be causing this nuisance?


      (Vista Ultimate 64bit completely updated, 6GB, no virus checker except Microsoft Security Essentials and Spybot S&D, LR cache 25 GB, 300 GB free disc space, LR catalogue optimised, almost 5000 pictures in LR database)

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          Hal P Anderson Level 6

          Lots of information. Thanks.   I don't know what's wrong, but you can try a few things.


          I'd try excluding my images, catalogue, and preview cache from the virus checker.


          You also might try running a disk checker against your disks.


          Also, sometimes USB devices that are plugged in can cause long lock-ups. Bluetooth can be a culprit.


          And finally, I'd try renaming my preferences file and see if that fixes the problem. It often does in strange situations. Find it here.


          Let us know how it works out.



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            jiten rai

            check the system requirment of lightroom from the adobe website and then check the same of your system


            if not


            >un-install lightroom and then disable all the sequrity features and then install it

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              Rotaluclac Level 1

              I just tried most of your suggestions. This is what I did:

              - Disable all virus checkers.

              - Check disks. Result: they are okay.

              - Unplug USB hub.

              - Start Resource Monitor.


              Then I started LR and timed it. Result: as before, an unresponsive system, hard-disc light continuously on. Time before LR showed on screen: 25 seconds. Time before LR was usable: 26 seconds (from start).


              Resource Monitor showed that LR has been reading LOTS of data from LOTS of files.


              Next I closed LR, waited a while, then started LR again. Now, the timing was completely different. Time before LR showed on screen: 2 seconds. Time before LR was usable: 3 seconds (from start). Perhaps both times were even a bit less - anyway, I find these startup times totally acceptable.


              Resource Monitor showed that LR has only been reading a very limited number of files.


              So the slowness and the unresponsiveness only occur when starting LR the first time; after that, all is well.


              Any idea as to the cause? It doesn't look like renaming the preferences file would help, though I could try that - but I would have to reboot my computer first, because now LR does start quickly.

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                Hal P Anderson Level 6

                Weird. So the first run of LR freezes your machine for 25 seconds or so, and subsequent runs work normally.


                Win 7 probably caches data that it reads from disk and uses the cache later if needed, but normal disk I/O shouldn't lock up your system. I've seen total system lockouts when Win 7 was installing a device driver, but that seems unlikely.


                On your file menu, there's an Optimize catalog entry. Probably worth a try.


                If the slow startup continues to bug you, try renaming the Prefs file, re-booting, and starting LR. I've seen it work when I totally doubted that it would.


                And I suppose it's possible that there's a problem with your preview cache.The site I point to in my previous post will show you where it is. You could try renaming that and then rebuilding all your previews (menu:  Library->Previews->...).



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                  Rotaluclac Level 1

                  Yes, it's only the first run that freezes the computer for about 25 seconds.


                  By the way, it's not Win7, it's Vista Ultimate 64bit.


                  The lock-up isn't complete - the mouse pointer still moves with the mouse. But any mouse clicks only take effect after the 25 seconds lockup. Keyboard does not work during that time - even the Capslock, Scrolllock and Numlock lights only react after the 25 seconds are over.


                  I renamed the prefs file. The lockup still occurred, only now LR started asking me some configuration questions - which could of course be expected when the prefs file is missing.


                  Catalog was already optimised, so that doesn't cause this.


                  I'll try renaming the preview cache - please wait a few minutes until I post the result.


                  ---  edit after trying  ---


                  I moved the preview cache to a different location and rebooted. I then started Lightroom again - the startup time was only 6 seconds instead of the usual 25! A second startup took the usual 3 seconds.


                  I then generated standard-size previews (no 1:1 previews), which took a while. Then I rebooted again and started Lightroom again. This time, the system was unresponsive again, and starting took a generous 36 seconds - which is even more than the 25 seconds it took before. A seconds startup took the usual 3 seconds again.


                  So it looks like the enormous first-startup time is caused by my preview cache. Can this knowledge somehow help in finding a solution?

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                    Hal P Anderson Level 6

                    Stranger and stranger. With no preview cache, startup was relatively quick. With one, the first startup is very slow. Rebuilding the cache didn't fix what was wrong. And Lightroom is the only thing running during that startup time.


                    The only thing I can think of beyond all my previous ideas is to create another catalogue from the one you have. Either you can create a new catalogue and import from your current one, or export a new catalogue directly from your current one. The idea is that this will leave all the bad karma behind. IIRC, one of those options has a chance of working, and the other doesn't. I can't remember which, but I suspect that importing from your current catalogue (option #1) will have the best chance of being helpful, so I'd try them in that order. Your catalogue is relatively small, so if won't cost you a lot of time. If it works, you'll have a new, well-behaved catalogue, and you can move things around on disk (or rename). If not, we'll have to think harder.


                    Just out of curiosity, what kind of drive is your catalogue (and previews) on?



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                      Rotaluclac Level 1

                      Thanks for your reply!


                      I tried both suggestions. I first created a new catalogue and imported the old one into it. Reboot, start Lightroom - and it was slow again (30+ seconds startup time).


                      I then took the newly created catalogue, and exported it to a third catalogue. Reboot, start Lightroom - same result, 30+ seconds startup time. Quitting and restarting Lightroom took only a few seconds.


                      So neither method worked...


                      My catalogue is on an internal Seagate Barracuda 750GB disc (type number ST3750525AS), 7200 rpm. This disc has three partitions: one for the OS, one for the installed programs, and one for data. All Lightroom stuff is on the data partition. All partitions are NTFS formatted.

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                        Hal P Anderson Level 6

                        I'm running out of ideas.


                        You could try re-installing LR. I'm not optimistic about your chances of an improvement, but it's generally pretty quick, and it would be good to eliminate that as a possible solution.


                        How long has LR been misbehaving? Did it slowly get worse as you added images to your catalogue? Are you running any unusual background tasks?



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                          Rotaluclac Level 1

                          I kind-of re-installed LR when I installed version 3.6 as a replacement for 3.5. That was only last December. The problem already existed with 3.5, so I was hoping 3.6 would solve it - but it didn't. Therefore, I do not think a re-installation would help.


                          LR's behaviour slowly got worse. At first I didn't notice. The problem became apparent after I imported a whole bunch of old holiday pictures, which made my database grow from 1000-ish to 3500-ish pictures.


                          The slowness now seems to be proportional to the number of pictures in the preview cache. At 5132 pictures now (I added a few recently), the first start takes 30 seconds. If startup time is linearly proportional to the size of the preview cache, I'm afraid I'd have to split my catalogue at about 10000 pictures or so - which isn't really what I'd have expected.


                          Apart from the firewall and virus scanners I mentioned (and disabled to test), I'm not aware of any background task.

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                            Hal P Anderson Level 6

                            I asked some very knowledgeable friends for suggestions.


                            One thought that perhaps your partitioned drive might be a problem. He suggested that you copy your catalogue and previews to an external drive, open the catalogue there, and see if that helps. If not, you can just delete the copies. Anyway, you won't have to relink your images to the new catalogue since all of them will continue to be where they already are. Don't actually make changes to the new catalogue, just see if startup times are back to normal.



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                              Rotaluclac Level 1

                              I found a different way to get startup times back to normal!


                              During all previous tests, after each reboot, I first did some other stuff, then closed all programs and started Lightroom. This resulted in long startup times.


                              This time, I just rebooted, logged into Windows, and let the computer be idle for half an hour. Not even the screensaver was active - I disabled it.


                              After these 30 minutes, I started Lightroom without having started any other program. Lo and behold - the startup time was just a few seconds!


                              I then rebooted, and viewed some webpages in Firefox, without starting any other program. I then closed Firefox and started Lightroom - and found that the startup time was over 30 seconds.


                              I repeated the test with a different program: reboot, edit some ASCII files in UltraEdit, close UltraEdit, start Lightroom. Startup time: over 30 seconds.


                              Same test with Excel: reboot, edit some Excel spreadsheet, close Excel, start Lightroom. Startup time: less than 10 seconds.


                              Start Firefox again, view some webpages, close Firefox, start Lightroom - startup time about 5 seconds.


                              So it seems that some programs seem to cause the long startup times of Lightroom, even if they are closed after having been used. Firefox and UltraEdit do, Excel does not. But these programs only cause problems if Lightroom has not been started before these programs were used. If Lightroom has been used before, these ill-behaved programs may be used without affecting Lightroom's startup time.


                              Are you still with me with this complex description?


                              I'm very, very puzzled now.

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                                Geoff the kiwi Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                                Do try the solution offered by Hal above, I'm sure your partioning will be the answer, too much attempted access to the one drive simultaneously