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    Did LR4 kill auto-blacks?

    brett maxwell

      My default preset I've built in LR3 uses auto-blacks and I find it works wonderfully (info here: http://www.lightroomqueen.com/downloads/bookexcerpts/lr3excerpts/lr3sample-21-autosliders. pdf).


      It seems this ability is gone from the LR4 preset files?  I've tried a number of things with a LR4 preset in a text editor and I can't get anything to work.  When I create a preset using auto-tone, the first few lines are:


      AutoBrightness = false,

                                    AutoContrast = false,

                                    AutoExposure = false,

                                    AutoLateralCA = 1,

                                    AutoShadows = false,

                                    AutoTone = true,


      No whites or blacks even mentioned?  I tried creating an auto-shadows function (though I'm not ultimately interested in that) since that appears above, and couldn't get that to work either.