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    Media Encoder CS5.5 Watch Folders


      I saw in the "whats new and changed" for media encoder that watch folder features are much improved. I've downloaded the trial it actually seems to be working far worse than our CS5 setup (although I REALLY dig the interface changes, really...). I set up CS5.5 to watch the same folders that I had previously had CS5 watching, and it didn't respond to any files being dropped into the folders. After letting it sit it out for a few hours, I rebooted CS5.5, and it picked up all of the files currently in there, but again, did not pick up any new files. The watch folders are on an SMB network, with Media encoder running on a PC and with most of the files coming from macs. CS5 does this fairly well, but CS5.5 is definitely a step back as far as watch folder functionality as far as I can see.

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          Mark Mapes Adobe Employee

          You may have uncovered a bug that we missed in the new implementation. We're still investigating and have not nailed it down precisely, but broadly speaking it seems that if a) the watch folder is on the network, and b) you use a computer other than the one that's running AME to copy/move content to the watch folder, then AME does not automatically process the clips from the watch folder.

          If the watch folder is on computer that's host to AME, then the process works reliably, regardless of which computer is used to copy/move content into the folder. Where we've seen mixed results is with the watch folder on the network and the copy/move initiated from the AME host computer.

          As noted, these are results of preliminary investigations. We'll drill deeper tomorrow.

          Thanks for calling this issue to our attention.

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            This is an issue for me as well,  I work at a large post production house where we work in an XSAN environment.  Many operators working on many files from many locations all located on the same SAN (XSAN).  It would suit our workflow greatly for watch folders to pick up any files dropped in to them from any XSAN client.  Currently with this new 5.5 release, I set up a watch folder,  select a setting and hit go.  The watch folder encodes everything in the folder but once it finishes, it will not pick up any new files I add.  We never add files using other Adobe products, we instead will drag files created in other applications into the watch folder using the Apple Finder App.  It would seem logical that anything dropped in this folder should work, not just Adobe initiated files.


            To be honest, this seems short-sighted and undervalues the features of AME as an actual product.  Right now,  I am merely testing the AME for upgrade considerations (watch folders were listed as an upgraded feature)...if it worked, it would be a no brainer.  I look forward to an update in the coming days, weeks, months or years, it really is a powerful feature if it worked simply and consistently.



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              I'd like to add that I came to this forum to find more info on this topic, as we're experiencing the same problem.  CS5 I would rate as "OK" or maybe 4 out of 5 stars for the watch folder performance, but CS5.5 is distinctly worse.


              As mentioned above, AME seems to take a "snapshot" of what's in the folder when it starts, converts those files, and then sits tight; will not notice or act on any new files in the watch folder.


              We are strictly PC based, working on a small windows network and all files are on one NAS box.  Have not tested local watch folders, but working accross the LAN is what we need.


              Thank you for any updates.


              -Dave Mc.

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                Nariman Sodeifi Adobe Employee

                Hi Dave, Yes, we know about this issue and are working on a solution.

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                    My Watch Folders don't even work locally.
                    When AME is running and a new file is dropped in the local file-system folder it doesn't start encoding.
                    I have to reboot AME for it to pick the new files.

                    Long story short: What is the use of a watch folder that is blind for new files?

                    It has been three months since this topic was created, don't Adobe have any updates yet?

                    There are several videos from adobe featuring watch folders on AME 5.5, this is a major bug and should be treated properly.

                  With respect

                  Fernando Bonafé

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                    Ragnar Kon

                    Hate to ressurect an old post, but was this ever resolved?


                    We just upgraded to Production Premium CS5.5 from CS5, largely because of the new "features" included in AME. Problem is the Watch Folders simply aren't watching. And nothing seems to get them to watch. So far I've tried all the usuals, such as reinstalling AME, restarting the machine, etc.


                    The machine itself is a Mac Pro, running a fresh install of Mac OS X Lion 10.7.2, with all updates for both the operating system and the Adobe products.

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                      Nariman Sodeifi Adobe Employee

                      There is a 5.5.1 patch that was relased specifically to addresses this issue. 


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                        Ragnar Kon Level 1

                        Updated Media Encoder and am now running and........ still nothing. Tried to re-create the Watch Folder, restarted, blah blah blah. I should note that I previously (2-3 weeks ago) used the same Watch Folder on 5 different mpeg-2 files successfully. After that I shut down the Mac for winter vacation ever since then it hasn't worked. The only thing that has changed since then was an Apple update to Keynote.


                        Not that it'll help, but here are some images:


                        Screen Shot 2012-01-05 at 4.35.22 PM.png

                        Screen Shot 2012-01-05 at 4.34.37 PM.png

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                          Toomany3 Level 1

                          Any word from Adobe on this?  Same thing for us even AFTER the update.  It will AME watch folder will NOT see file added to it (a network NAS drive) by any other computer than its own.


                          Am I doing it wrong (drag and drop, not sure how simpler it can get), or did this fix not fix it?


                          We are on PC exclusively running a Linux network NAS.

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                            Ragnar Kon Level 1

                            I dug into it a little bit more and figured out it had to do with the fact that the watch folder was a shared, networked folder. If I moved the folder to a non-networked folder, it worked fine.


                            Unforunitally for us, having a shared folder as a watch folder was the entire reason why we opted to use watch folders in the first place. So we had to write some scripts that copied files from the networked folder to a non-networked folder (which was our watch folder). That did the trick.


                            I am about 99% positive the issue is caused by folder permissions. Since the Mac's Debian-based permissions are nearly identical to Linux permissions, that would explain why you ran into the issue to.

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                              Toomany3 Level 1

                              I like your little fix to the problem.   I'll give it a shot with my file syncing program.  I'll have the file dropped into a network folder, and then have Goodsync copy that to a local folder (the official watch folder) on the local machine.  That should do the trick, right?

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                                Nariman Sodeifi Adobe Employee

                                Apparently when you enable sharing on MAC, it put a hidden 0 byte file in that shared folder.  This was causing AME to get confused and not pickup some files.  Deleting that 0 byte hidden file should solve this issue.

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                                  AtonMusic Level 2

                                  with all due respect... I think you guys in the development team should try using watch folders on a large project.


                                  I promise you will NOT like your findings.


                                  Check this post





                                  Your watch folders are working when adding a file every now and then... But as soon as it starts to get complicated and the user wants to USE the true benefits

                                  of watch folders, AME simply lets the user down...


                                  Dont you guys have any beta testers ??? If you do, perhaps you should get some that actually put the product thru its pace.

                                  As of now, your watch folders are useles !

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                                    adam_splice Level 1

                                    I originally posted on this almost a year ago.  I am in a fortunate place to be able to beta test these patches in a large post house, with XSAN capabilities and a dedicated compression department.  I offered to beta test, I was told I needed to buy the software first.... I will not buy anything that does not work.  If someone wants to hook me up with a true demo version that won't expire in the middle of testing, I will help test.




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                                      Hi! With your suggestion i could use a watch folder. Can Adobe resolve this with a patch?



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                                        Ragnar Kon Level 1

                                        Depends what you want to do.


                                        And it is unlikely Adobe would resolve any minor issues in AME CS5.5 now that AME CS6 has been released. Which, by the way, has vastly improved Watch Folder functions from my experience so far.