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    How to Decipher

    rgcunningham Community Member

      I don't know about you, but I need some help understanding what I'm seeing in the statistics and reports.  For example, what is a "Sitting break"?

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          Subrahmanya Kumar Giliyaru



          Sitting is defined as a continous consumption run of the e-learning content by a learner.


          For e.g. a learner is said to have taken a "Sitting Break" if he pauses at say slide 10 for more than 20 mins.

          This duration (20 mins in above e.g.) is called "Sitting timeout" and you can configure the duration in the preferences dialog (you can find the preferences button at the right top of the dashboard). You can find some of these descriptions in release notes on labs. (http://download.macromedia.com/pub/labs/captivate_course/captivate_course_docs.pdf)


          You can see the number of sitting breaks on any slide in the Sittings break report. If some slide is having maximum number of sitting breaks it is likely that learners are not understanding either that slide or the concept involving that slide.




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            rgcunningham Community Member

            Makes sense.  Thanks.

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              rgcunningham Community Member

              Couple more questions.  In the Preferences, is the Learner Count the expected number of students?  What happens if the actual count exceeds that?


              And in the Preferences, slide details, there is a column for Slide Title.  It's showing all blank, even though some slides have labels, and I can't enter a slide title here.  How is this supposed to work?



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                Subrahmanya Kumar Giliyaru Community Member


                Learner count in preferences is the number of learners expected to take this course and it is used in calcuating the progress index.

                If it is hugely inaccurate, the progress index calculations will be incorrect. There shouldnt be any issues if actual learners count is bigger than the specified learners count.

                On the second part of your question, I suppose you want the title to be editable in preferences right? I will get back to you on this.




                Adobe Captivate Team

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                  rgcunningham Community Member

                  Thanks Subra. As far as the slide title is concerned, at least show the slide label as entered in the .cptx file.


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