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    GL2DW conversions... I've tried everything, but still nothing works.

    John Nez Illustration Level 1

      I've been trying for a few days to convert a CS1 GoLive site to a CS5 Dreamweaver site... and nothing has worked.


      I have studied about 5 online discussions for various procedures.  I downloaded the GL2DW extension and loaded that into the CS5 Dreamweaver site.  No luck.  I tried changing the names of the various GoLive folders to web-content, web-data and web-settings.  But when I go to convert I'm still asked to list the folder with my .site file... which is clearly there.  Yet it is ignored for some reason.


      I next tried downloading an extension which I loaded into a folder in GoLive.  But on launch it informed me that this conversion extenstion only supports CS2 and above.


      Then I tried doing as was suggested on this list in another question:

      From GoLive go to Site > Convert Site to New Structure.

      Then from Dreamweaver go to Site > Import GoLive Site.


      But that didn't work because there is no ' Convert Site to New Structure' option in CS1 GoLive.


      So... short of looking around on ebay for a copy of GoLive 9 what might anyone suggest?


      It's like I fall through all the cracks here... and don't fit in anywhere.

      My site is fairly simple... but I wouldn't want to hack it all out from scratch in Dreamweaver... if at all possible.



      Thanks for any help.