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    Collapsing panel in Photoshop issue

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      I have a CS SDK panel deployed in all the 3 applications - Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign. My panel has a login component and users need to log in before using it.


      1) In Photoshop, when a logged in user collapses the panel, works on Photoshop and activates the collapsed icon, the panel goes back to the login screen and they are forced to login every time. This behavior does not occur in Indesign and Illustrator.

      Can you please tell me if there are any workarounds for this issue?



      Other discrepencies between the apps -

      2) In Illustrator, when the panel is closed entirely and re-opened under Extensions > <panel name>, users are not taken back to the login screen. They are forced to quit Illustrator and restart it in order to re-login to the panel. This does not happen in InDesign and Photoshop.


      thanks for any help in this regard.

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          zak.nelson Level 3

          As you've found, each application behaves differently with respect to lifecycle of the extension. Here we have a range of behaviors - on one end of the spectrum we have Photoshop which greedily unloads extensions whenever possible, and at the other end we have Illustrator which doesn’t unload an extension when it is closed through the UI.


          For #1, you have a couple of choices.


          1. Maintain the state of your extension somewhere that will persist between loading/unloading (e.g. on disk). When your extension is loaded, check this persistent state to see which UI you should present to the user.
          2. Use CSXSInterface.evalScript(“PhotoshopPersistent”) which will prevent Photoshop from unloading the panel when it is collapsed.


          For #2, you theoretically shouldn’t have to login again, since your panel has not be unloaded. As far as I know, Illustrator does not expose a similar mechanism for forcing an unload, although the Illustrator forum may be a better place to get a more definitive answer.