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    Extending TLF to handle InDesign-like text wrapping, pointers?

    casper_no Level 1

      Hi all,


      We want to implement text wrap like you have in InDesign, ie. text wrap around an image that has a fixed position on page as opposed to floats that has a fix position in the text. I have a version that works fine as long as the objects to wrap around cover a whole column. If object to wrap around covers only part of the column, I create three containerControllers, one above, one to the side and one below. That also works. Almost. Line heights between those containers end up wrong as my containers have a fixed height and there can't be a conditional check if line fits or not. See attached image - the purple lines and fills show extents of containerControllers for debugging purposes.

      Screen Shot 2012-01-23 at 13.49.03.png

      I've started to dive into the source-code of TLF, and found that BaseCompose has a parcelList of Parcels that seems to be implemented with this in mind as a future expansion. From what I can work out, Parcels are sort of sub-parts of containerControlles to flow text into My idea is to somehow create my own parceList version instead of creating three containerControllers.


      Anyone out there who has attempted the same? Is there future version of TLF that will include similar functionality?