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    AdobeCustomerServiceHorri Community Member

      I do a lot of writing on the go and I use my Ipad.  As of now I cant use the Ipad to write in story but an App or some other way to do so would be key for me and my writing partner.  We started a script in story and like it alot .  We havent seen any issues or bugs.  But we cant go on using Story like this till we can start using the Ipad. Please tell me this will work yesteday on the Ipad. 



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          I'd like to know if/when story will be available as an ipad ap and if/when the iphone ap will be updated to not crash.  I think the ap on ipad will be extremely useful. Any info on that?

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            AnubhavRohatgi Adobe Employee

            We just submitted the update to the iPhone app to Apple so the crash should go away as soon as Apple approved the 1.1 update.


            The iPad app is definitely on our roadmap but we can't say when we'll be able to release.




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              iPad app would be extremely helpful. More and more I am using the iPad for everything from script referencing to storyboarding to clapboard. Good iPad integration with the service would be perfect.

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                Is there any news on further integration with the iPad?

                Having the ability to wirte on the iPad using this amazing software would be out of this world !

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                  AnubhavRohatgi Adobe Employee

                  We have a good prototype working now and expect to release an app for the iPad soon.


                  Sorry, I have to be vague about the timing but we are closer than ever before and we need approval from apple before we can publicly talk about dates.



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                    johnmangino Community Member


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                      quarterbluematt Community Member

                      That is brilliant news !!

                      I know you can't give details about the date of release but are there any details on what features we can expect ?

                      So excitied about being able to use this brilliant software on the move !!!

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                        More importantly, Android app?

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                          AnubhavRohatgi Adobe Employee

                          Sorry to turn this around but what would you like to see in the application?



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                            pixelmonk1 Community Member

                            Full tablet (or phone) UIUX, access to the cloud to pull down docs as well as offline storage for when you are out in the field and don't have access to wifi/4G.   Maybe the ability to share scripts through the app, via Android's great share 2 other apps feature.  You could email someone a PDF, .DOCX or .TXT version of the script directly from your device.  Or, you could share a link to a "read only" "public" version of the site (sort of like Dropbox).

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                              4 months since August 4th... Any ideas about a launch date for Story iPad version? Looking forward to it.

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                                Jono P Community Member

                                Export in a variety of different file types, and accepts a variety of file types.

                                Cloud sync for plus users

                                The same amount of functionality as Desktop app

                                Ability to hide toolbars when not in use (e.g projects currently being viewed/authored bar at top - window revenue/space is key)


                                And now the idea that will make you think I am insane: voice control, though I would prefer typing so it is not necessary.

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                                  Panagiotis Bobolakis

                                  Any info about the iPad version?

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                                    Adobe please give us some info on whether or not this app will ever see the light of day!

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                                      prowl Community Member

                                      seriously what is going on with this? It seems insane that you don't have an iPad app yet?!

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                                        ellen wixted FormerEmployees

                                        Hi all--


                                        We are prioritizing requests for Story across all platforms, and developing an iPad app that allows writing and editing scripts will require a significant development effort. Why? Managing scripts that are potentially several hundred pages long (what our TV customers like ITV end up with when they group 4 or 5 scripts into a shooting script) introduces a lot of complexity and introduces significant performance requirements.


                                        We don't have any announcements at this point, but rest assured we are exploring options.




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                                          Camera shots exportable along with other story data, perhaps comprehensive shot lists included within the schedules, IPAD APP, IPAD APP, IPAD APP, celtex seems to work fine surely you can get this happening.

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                                            pixelmonk1 Community Member

                                            For android, just make the site mobile accessable if you can't figure out an app.  

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                                              prowl Community Member



                                              It's all flash - so that's not going to happen as the whole site is Flash and is not supported on Android or iOS mobiles / tablets browsers.


                                              I actually don't understand why an app for Android or iOS would take so long as flash can be converted into an app in one click. but I suppose there is other underlying tech in this like AIR etc that would have to be converted.


                                              It's a shame because Adobe would have the best application of this kind out there if they could sort out prober mobile use.

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                                                Any info on the iPad app?


                                                As I see it, if the development is so complex, iPad app doesn't necessarily need to have all the functionalities desktop/web version has. The greatest benefit would be to be have these functions:

                                                - write scripts

                                                - write character bios

                                                - perhaps have the scene outline


                                                That's it! Let me tap my story into iPad. Then, when I get back home, I can easily process the written stuff in the full version.


                                                Hope we'll see the iPad app in the near future.



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                                                  I don't know if Adobe just doesn't see how to monetize the iPad app, but its unbeleaveable that they don't have anything!! And the iPhone app is so out dated i looks like IOS 3. Not to mention buggy to the point that it is unusable. As a CC subscriber, this is the single biggest disappointment I have with Adobe. I often encourage other film makers to stay away from story since its there are NO viable mobile options. The 9.99 not worth it.

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                                                    "The iPad app is definitely on our roadmap but we can't say when we'll be able to release."

                                                    This is so typical of Adobe these days. I have been using Adobe products faithfully as long as they have been around, but that quoted statement is from MORE THAN 3 YEARS AGO! I would be willing to bet that I would get the same answer today if I called Adobe. It really seems that Adobe no longer cares at all what their customers want. For a long time, the thing that separated Adobe from other companies, and the reason I was so loyal, was that I felt they really understood how professional artists work and truly understood our needs; now it seems that the only thing they care about is selling more subscriptions to CC. I have a newsflash for you Adobe; you may sell CC to more people in the short term, but you are slowly eroding the foundation of your customer base -- the professionals.

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                                                      It's really sad Story actually also doesn't seems to be the overall flexible solution most people are looking for. Celtx didn't made it, now Adobe seems to struggle. I mean I was a programmer lightyears ago and I know the requirements for a really sophisticated scripting solution are high. But I'm afraid without a multiplatform tablet app even a basic solution like Story makes no sense.

                                                      However it's a kind of funny to see things developing this way fifteen years after the Millenium.

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                                                        Please give us an update on the iPad app. I loved using Story for my last production but I really need a product I can use on my iPad. 

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                                                          jeffh64642840 Community Member

                                                          Technically, this is NOT ANSWERED and should be marked as such.


                                                          The question is when will there be an iPad App that will allow us to write and edit in Adobe Story - which we all use at home, but want to be using when we're out and about with our iPads. The other screenwriting software pretty much have this as standard now, so it's really time to catch up or we're all have to stop bragging to our friends how much we love Adobe Story!


                                                          Can anyone from Adobe provide an actual update/ETA on the development of a non-flash based version for browsers(which could be used on an iPad) or an app with edit capabilities?



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                                                            kjraimondi Community Member

                                                            Please! Thanks for following up Jeff.

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                                                              Wow, WriterDuet has better cross platform functionality than Adobe? No iphone/ipad app?? Not switching.

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                                                                jeffh64642840 Community Member

                                                                Story is the best desktop screeenwriting software I've ever used, but this lapse is embarrassing at this point.


                                                                This question was originally asked FOUR years ago. Incorrectly marked as answered TWO years ago, resurrected ONE year ago, and given a bump one month ago.


                                                                ADOBE - can you please give us a rough ETA on a full-feature version of Story for the iPad?

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                                                                  Kevin-Monahan Adobe Employee

                                                                  Hello Jeff H,

                                                                  Incorrectly marked as answered TWO years ago


                                                                  This is a request from customers, so it shouldn't be even marked as a troubleshooting question that could be answered. I'll unmark it as a question to avoid this confusion.
                                                                  Edit: Looks like I cannot unmark this post as a question. Sorry.


                                                                  ADOBE - can you please give us a rough ETA on a full-feature version of Story for the iPad?


                                                                  Sorry, not at this time. Continue to create your feature requests here.