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    Browserlab is not working for me, it wont complete the load even though i have high speed internet?

    Marshall1985 Level 1


      First time use of browser lab not working.


      Problem Description

      Ok, so, I'm working on a tutorial page on CS5.5 and I am at the stage of using browserlab to preview it online. I log in and enter my password then it opens my browser and I click on "start using browserlab now" and a load screed appears. It loads for about a minute and then remains "blank", which is in fact the adobe screen with a language bar at the top right, but NO preview pages? also, if I then go into dreamweaver again the browserlab tab reports an error saying "Timed out, failed to connect to BrowserLab"


      Steps to Recreate

      1. This issue happens every time, and I have never got it to work. 
      2. Windows 7 32-bit operating system. 
      3. I am using the main BrowserLab interface as well as testing via Dreamweaver integration (DW version is version 11.5 build 5315)
      4. I dont understand what this next statement means? "What is the URL you're testing against?"


      Expected Results

      I thought that browserlab would open my page in multiple browsers on one page so i could see if there are any errors for different browser types.


      Actual Results

      Did not load correctly and gives errors.


      Many thanks in advance

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