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    Community Help prompts for proxy authentication multiple times

    Harry M Johnston Level 1

      I'm trying to install Adobe CS5.5 (Master Collection) in our teaching labs.  These machines do not have direct access to the internet, you have to enter a username and password for the proxy sever.  I'm having trouble with Adobe Community Help: it prompts for proxy authentication multiple times, typically there are three separate prompts (which appear simultaneously) when you first open help, but additional prompts appear sometimes when navigating.  On some pages five new prompts appear!


      I've done some experimentation to try to see what's going on, and it looks as if the multiple prompts are associated with multiple sites, for example help.adobe.com, code.jquery.com, and api.demandbase.com.


      I've already disabled the automatic updates for AIR and for Community Help itself, and disabled Adobe Live services using the AdobeOnlineDefault registry value.




      1) Is there any way to make Community Help prompt ONCE and reuse the username/password provided whenever it visits a new site?


      2) If not, how do I file this as a bug?


      3) Is there any way to *force* help to open in a web browser instead of in Community Help?  (Note that the usual configuration option doesn't work in this scenario; the calling application, e.g., Photoshop, appears to be trying to confirm that the web site is available and falling back to Community Help when it can't.)


      4) Failing any other solution, where can I find a complete list of sites used by Community Help so that I can whitelist them?


      So far I have:










      but this isn't nearly complete.